Biz4Solutions Shines on Clutch as Leading App Development Company 2019 in US

Biz4Solutions Shines on Clutch as Leading App Development Company 2019 in US
Leading App Development Company 2019 in US
One of the key elements of a successful business is being able to stay ahead of the competition. While that principle is still true today, competitive practices are far different and more complicated than they were just ten years ago. In today’s world, a competitive strategy is highly dependent upon the technology a company uses, and the digital strategy they implement to reach customers. Our team at Biz4Solutions specializes in mobile app development, UX/UI design, digital marketing, web app development and other software solutions to give our clients the ability to compete in an increasingly competitive, and complex, online market.
Our expertise in the IT industry has not gone unnoticed, as we have recently gained the spotlight of D.C-based firm Clutch, a ratings and review platform, which has accredited our agency among the leading app development companies in Dallas for 2019. Our inclusion among the best firms in the industry is an incredibly rewarding accomplishment for our team. Clutch’s platform comprises of thousands of different B2B tech companies in various industries, and the fact that we are regarded so favorably in our field is a great milestone!
The team at Clutch provides individual rankings for each firm on their site and allows for an easier way for companies to find reliable partner agencies to contact. On our Clutch profile, you can see our perfect rating of 5 out of 5 stars specific examples of the work we have done for our clients, as well as their direct testimonials.

Here are some of the things they have said about our work:

  • “They took my ideas and made them a reality.”- Ana jones, Founder Phlex 65
  • “They have everything; professionalism, great communication, and deep knowledge.” – David King, President, YouVOXX Cal Blocker & Social Voicemail
With respect to our positive rankings on Clutch and the feedback received from our clients, the Clutch team has also given our company the ability to be featured on their sister website, The Manifest. This website dives deeper into reviewing B2B service providers as they offer industry reports, key company metrics, and illustrations of their prior work. The Manifest has listed us amongst the top app development companies in Dallas.
We are proud of all of our accomplishments thus far and are grateful for the amazing things that our clients have had to say about our work. It is great knowing that they are happy with the solutions we have provided, and look forward to working on new projects and progressing through our presence on Clutch!

How Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influence the Market Trends?

How Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influence the Market Trends?

Chatbots and AI Influence the Market Trends


Let’s think of a situation where we as employees have to sit and individually rectify the issues faced by our customers. Doesn’t it sound complex and exhausting? What if the same task is performed with the help of technology?  Now that definitely sounds impressive.

Well! Chatbots and AI can actually execute the task easily and quickly with an automated process and make our lives easy.

Chatbots are software programs that imitate human conversations whether written or verbal whereas Artificial Intelligence comprises of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning which enables Chatbots to learn various arrangements in the data.

In the year 2016, Facebook created a sensation by introducing a Chatbot messenger. After looking at the success of Facebook, many other companies started integrating Chatbots with the help of web & mobile application development service providers.

Customer Service is of great importance in any field as it allows the customers to interact as per their choice. A Chatbot and AI can become a part of the Mobile Application Development process in order to strategize and boost the business. Chatbots powered by AI are rapidly evolving and one needs to ensure that the business provides outstanding customer experience to its clients. With the quick progressions in machine learning and Natural Language Processing, chatbots can helpfully comprehend clients’ inquiries and give them satisfactory answers which are fed in the database.

A bot is integrated so that it can access the historical data and provide answers to queries raised by the customers and give them a smoother and comforting customer experience. These days a lot of businesses are implementing Chatbots in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database with an intention to maximize and spread their business. With the ever-increasing number of companies using API (Application Program Interface) to coordinate within their Chatbots, the interest has now shifted on bots that hold the ability to interact across platforms. Henceforth, we can hope to see a rise in various tools and technologies which will foster developers to build a Chatbot powered by AI that can communicate on voice calls to chat messages.

Chatbots and AI Influence the Market TrendsAs per Business Insider’s report, 48% of consumers prefer a Chatbot that solves issues over a human help. Adobe 2018, too, predicts that 31% of the top companies in the US intend to use Chatbot powered by AI in the upcoming year. Gartner, a world leader in IT research has already predicted that by 2021, more than 50% of the enterprises will spend more on Chatbots than mobile apps. Chatbots in mobile app developers have already started to be the face of AI.



The motive behind Chatbots is to help and scale business groups in their relations with clients. They enable organizations to save a lot of time and money which is the reason numerous entrepreneurs are switching to this latest technology. The biggest advantage of Chatbot and AI is that they are very captivating and lively. They try to know more about the user’s taste and preferences. One does not need to download an application to be able to use a Chatbot and AI, thus saving a lot of space in your device. Mobile app users do not need to wait for hours or even minutes anymore to get a response. Chatbots are quick & highly responsive. You ask a query, and there will be a response in the shortest time possible. Chatbots handle multiple requests at a given time. This is seen as one of the major advantages that they hold. It is humanly impossible to handle many requests, but Chatbots make it possible thereby reducing the cost.



In this contemporary world, Chatbots and AI are being fused in the sectors of E-commerce and Social Media. For instance, Amazon has magnified its sales force in this space. Amazon integrated its voice assistant, Alexa, into its native mobile app. It has creatively integrated messaging assistant into its mobile application and has been doing wonders for Amazon. Instagram too uses AI for engaging its users.

Chatbots and AI Influence with Alex


Let’s take a look at the scope of Chatbots and AI in various fields:

E-COMMERCE: Chatbots are commonly used by the e-commerce business as they need to answer the queries of their users across the globe. E-bay’s ShopBot is a budding example of helping their users in shopping.

HEALTHCARE: Chatbots are approaching in the field of practice management system in healthcare as consulting a doctor has become slightly difficult these days because of their tight schedule and expensive fees. So, in such a situation, a Chatbot plays the role of a doctor in diagnosing the disease.  Buoy Health is a Chatbot which takes the medical details of the patient and offers them various solutions and steps for the same.

MEDIA: Of lately, Chatbots are becoming successful in the field of news and publishing as well. They serve highly personalized and recommended content to their readers online. CNN, in recent times, has launched a mobile app with Chatbot incorporated in it.



Chatbots have altered the manners in which organizations connect with their clients, and we have just begun the journey of revolutionizing Chatbots powered by AI. Despite the on-going challenges in developing a technology-based customer experience tool, it paves an opportunity to engage with customers in maintaining long-lasting relationships.

Biz4Solutions has suggested many of its clients include Chatbot in mobile app development to get improved ROI and quick responses.

How Wearables Influence the Future of Mobile Application Development?

How Wearables Influence the Future of Mobile Application Development?

The Mobile Application Development Saga

Can you guess how many smartphone users are across the world? Well, that’s over 1 billion. You will be surprised to know that a whopping 179 billion mobile applications are downloaded every single year. You can probably fathom that

mobile application development

is one hot area that’s growing crazily. In addition, with major business entities like Walmart, Amazon, Bank of America, etc. eyeing to engage and sell through mobiles, and the mobile application development is witnessing a massive transformation.

The Rise of Wearables in Mobile Application Development

All scales of companies are rushing to mobile app developers to build their business into brand through Digital Transformation services. But that’s not the end. Companies are now interacting with their users through wearable devices. Here’s an interesting find that you would love to know: according to a report from IDC (International Data Corporation), the total number of wearables shipped were 113.2 million in 2017. This figure is supposed to jump to 222.3 million in 2021. If you look at the rise in wearable devices, the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is massive 18.4%. That’s a terrific growth!
The first thing that comes to our mind when someone says a wearable device is an Apple Watch. That’s correct. But do we have any device other than a watch? Yes! For those of you who do not know, there’s Hololens from Microsoft that allows you to interact with virtual content and holograms. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, this is just the beginning.
The scope of wearable devices will definitely surge. Don’t be surprised especially when you see people with smart watches, clothes, shoes, spectacles, headgears, etc. You will be amazed to know that these gadgets will communicate with mobile apps to pass information seamlessly.

Future of Mobile Application Development

This revolution in mobile technology will change the dynamics of mobile application development services . Rather, not to forget that IoT (Internet of Things) will empower these devices to act as remote controls to other devices and gadgets. According to a report from Gartner, there will be 26 billion connected devices by 2020.
Why are people embracing wearable devices? The most important reason is that it’s helping people to tackle routine challenges related to various areas of fitness, education, media, healthcare etc.
The dynamics of mobile app development are changing with wearable devices hitting the market. The most prominent changes that mobile app development would see are:
Ergonomic: The interface developed for the devices should have ‘just right’ information to be displayed to the user. Probably, this also includes the way these wearable devices would receive notifications – very concise.
Change in Screen Size: Screen Size changes means more user-friendly interface. That seems like a key area,

mobile app developers

should watch out for.
More Responsive: To make it more interactive to commands, the mobile application development company will work towards making apps more responsive. Users wouldn’t want to use slow apps because in that case, they would rather prefer to use traditional smartphones, isn’t it? Well, this also means apps will be developed with better computing ability.
Doesn’t require much power: As a user, you would always want a device that works the longest period without having to recharge, isn’t it? So, mobile applications have to be built keeping this fact very much in mind.
Highly Interactive: It would be great to have apps on wearables that respond to a voice command or with hand gestures. That would be a game-changer especially in

mobile application development

Hence, the above-mentioned points are few of the areas where a major chunk of change will happen in

mobile application development

. Furthermore, there is no denying that there will be other relevant areas too. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud technology, augmented reality, and IoT (Internet of Things) will have a major role to play and as a result, they will change the mobile app development landscape altogether.

Since you have spent your precious time to read this article so, if you are keen to know more about

mobile app development for wearables

or even pondering about developing a smart mobile app. We will assist you by helping you integrate IoT to take your business to a new level. And there’s a lot more we can help you within this arena. Choose our mobile app development services today for more!

How to Accelerate Your App Project Discussion with a Mobile App Development Company?

How to Accelerate Your App Project Discussion with a Mobile App Development Company?

User & Mobile App Developer Interaction

User mobile engagement has never been at such a high. Since users are interacting with companies directly through their smartphones, companies, regardless of their sizes, are increasingly engaging with

mobile application development company

to build an interactive application. Companies are focusing on improved customer satisfaction and repeat sales through mobile apps that are developed either by mobile app builder or mobile app creator.
However, when companies are seeking Digital Transformation Services, it can be challenging for them to get the app developed in the required timeframe since the scope of the project keeps on swelling with every passing day. When the complexity of the mobile app grows,

mobile app developer

takes long to introduce the app to the market. This is a very common challenge that a normal company would face. This blog will help you to cut the hassles and accelerate your mobile app development process.

Define The Mobile App Development Deliverables Clearly

As a company, you need to define and communicate certain aspects very clearly. Most of the times, companies are unsure about what they really want to have and what they don’t. This can be tad lengthy process for mobile app developers and they may require more time to come up with a final version. Will it be an enterprise app for employees or a consumer app? How many layers of security would you want in the app?
It could be tricky for a company to decide on which platforms it wants to launch the mobile app. Let’s say if XYZ company wants to launch its app on Android and iOS, and this has been already established and communicated to the mobile app developers, it would probably consume less time to

build the app

As mentioned earlier, an undefined project can lead to uncontrollable scope. And this might not just hamper the timeline of the project but also, sometimes result in cancellation of the project.

Set a Realistic Deadline To Complete The Development of Mobile App

Before showing a green signal to your

mobile app builder company

,sit with the team to talk about a deadline. Remember that communicating a deadline is very imperative. Your deadline has to be realistic enough to be taken seriously. Along with a deadline, it is also advisable to decide the budget to be allocated for a mobile app development company.

Keep Testing The App Under Development Process

One of the key components in

developing any mobile app

is testing. So, encourage your mobile app creator company to keep on testing the app. There will be loads of bugs to be fixed, and continuously testing them will help you fix the problems, and assist in launching the app sooner. You can even automate the testing process that will save man hours and efforts.
You can even ask your mobile development company to have short release cycles. This would allow you to get your hands on the released features of the mobile app earlier. Once you use the mobile app, changes can be suggested and accommodated through a feedback mechanism.

Keep The Mobile App Development Discussion Often

If you want the mobile app to be developed on time, then you should also make sure that you are engaged in meaningful discussions often with the

mobile app development company

. Companies start on an enthusiastic note but the slow down the pace as they move ahead, and on one fine day, they receive a setback due to the delayed project.
When you discuss with the team, you will realize that there will be few bottlenecks, and you might have to settle down for some other option other than the one you had planned for. So, discussing this and demonstrating some flexibility can really boost the speed of app development.
Every company out there wants to

build a great mobile application

in the shortest time possible. The gist lies in how well they communicate with a company that provides mobile app development services.

Escalation of Chatbot in Mobile Application Development

Escalation of Chatbot in Mobile Application Development

Chatbot – A crucial part of mobile application development

With most companies laying their focus on customer engagement, the role of technology has shot up drastically. Customer expectations are all-time high and patience levels are dipping. Customers want immediate response to their queries/concerns. And more often, customer service teams are unlikely to handle too many customer requests. Companies have found an intelligent solution to this problem: Chatbot. Chatbots are programs designed to offer rich content experience to users. With users gravitating towards mobile apps, chatbots have started to become a crucial part of mobile app development.

Types of Chatbots:

  • AI-Based Bot – Learns from the environment & user conversation.
  • Fixed Bot – Runs on a set of data already fed into the system. The user usually picks from given set of responses.
When Facebook integrated bot support into its messenger in 2016, it simply took over the market. Following the footsteps, companies started launching chatbots with the help of

mobile application development service providers.


chatbots in mobile app development

working for companies?
Absolutely. Major companies are banking on chatbots to improve their user engagement. Look at e-commerce giant, Amazon. Amazon has doubled its force in this space. Amazon integrated its voice assistant, Alexa, into its native mobile app. It has also intelligently integrated messaging assistant into its mobile application. The chatbot has been doing wonders for Amazon.

Not just Amazon, many companies are placing their bets on chatbots by getting it integrated into their mobile application development service. Sometime around in late 2016, Bank of America too, announced a launch of an AI-based chatbot – Erica. The chatbot was launched with an aim to enhance customer experience and finances.
Gartner, a world leader in IT research has already predicted that by 2021, more than 50% of the enterprises will spend more on chatbots than mobile apps. Chatbots in mobile app development have already started to be the face of AI.

Why should you consider integrating chatbot in your mobile application development?

Even though if it’s a success story for many companies, it is always good to know the fundamentals of why a certain technology is working or not working. Here are few that are true for the chatbot:
Simplify Mobile App Experience:
Chatbots cut the human dependency. 24/7 customer service is a reality now. Customers are able to make a faster decision with the help of a chatbot – thanks to multiple choices offered quickly by chatbot that is able to learn the customer requirement.
Drive Sales Through Chatbot :
E-commerce giants like Amazon have been able to not just handle customer queries but also able to drive sales with chatbots around.
Application Becomes Highly Responsive:
Mobile app users do not need to wait for hours or even minutes anymore to get a response. Chatbots are quick & highly responsive. You ask a query, and in the shortest time possible, there will be a response.
Chatbot Handles Multiple Requests:
Chatbots will be able to handle multiple requests at a time. This is seen as one of the major advantages that it holds. It is humanly impossible to handle many requests, but chatbots make it possible. Therefore, allows cost-saving.
Need for Chatbot Customization in Mobile App:
There’s no ‘one size fits all’ chatbot. You can get chatbot customized as per the company needs. This allows you to choose more apt and interactive responses for your customer, which will address his specific needs. If you can offer tailor-made experience to the user, nothing like it.
When mobile apps are becoming one of the best platforms to engage the audience, it makes more sense to include chatbot in the mobile application development process and build a strategy that involves engagement & communication through the chatbot.
Biz4Solutions has suggested many of its clients to include chatbot in mobile app development. Would you like to develop an app having chatbot specification? Click to know more about our different mobile app development services.