Outsourcing Offshore Software Development Company in India

Offshore Software Development Company in India
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Outsourcing Offshore Software Development Company in India

200 + Mobile
Apps Developed

Outsourcing Offshore Software Development Company in India

150 + Web
Apps Developed

Outsourcing Offshore Software Development Company in India

200 + Static

Outsourcing Offshore Software Development Company in India

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offshore app development company in india

Remarkable Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development

offshore development company

Focus on Core Business Services Only

Offshore Software Solutions

Assurance of Top-quality Offshore Software Solutions

offshore development

No Huge Investment in Resources and Infrastructure

offshore software  development

No Expenditure for Training the Employees

offshore software  development projects

Accessibility to Expert and Experienced Talent Pool

offshore development  advantages

Optimization of Workload by Taking the Load off Your Shoulders

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Strict Adherence to Deadlines and Shorter Time-to-market

offshore  software development  benefits

Reduced Risks as Experts Handle the Project

offshore  mobile app development company in india

Top-grade Security and Privacy of the Source-code

Things to do before Hiring a Good Outsourcing Software Development Services in India

Outsourcing your software development project surely provides numerous benefits, but, it is of utmost importance to do your homework before you hire an offshore company. It will not only save you from unknown risks but also help you smoothly manage your project and maximize your profits. So, what are some vital points to remember?

Define Your Goals and

The first step is to define your goals i.e. what results you expect, what will be the deadline, what will be the approximate budget, etc. These goals are extremely important to form a concrete base for successful project execution. Besides, it will also make things easier for your outsourcing partner to understand and implement all the tasks in the project.


Select an Agile

The agile work approach is a proven method that ensures you gain visibility of project details at regular time intervals. Agile methodology increases the efficiency of teams you work with. It gives the ability to adapt to any changes even amid the project. It also improves the predictability of risks to work on them in advance. So, pick an agile partner for outsourcing software development.


Set Your Expectations Clearly and Share them With Your Partner

The next step is to communicate your goals and expectations to the offshore team in a clear manner. One of the biggest challenges to the proper execution and accomplishment of the project is an unclear vision. It can lead to errors, and even rebuilding of some parts of the project; thus, leading to monetary losses. So, sharing a clear vision with them is a must.


Communicate Often and Provide Feedbacks Instantly

Good communication is the key to offshoring the projects successfully. Scheduling regular meetings remotely, using shared documentation, adopting standards for presentations, and providing timely feedback will help in eliminating any conflicts in the future. Also, addressing the team’s doubts and concerns helps to build a strong business relationship.



It is essential to understand your team’s perspective, their strengths, and weaknesses; so they feel heard of. Allow training time for the offshore software developers in case they need to sharpen their skills for any particular task in the project. Divide the bigger tasks into smaller milestones and tie payments to those milestones wherever possible. This helps to get the work done in set deadlines.


Why should I prefer an outsourcing firm instead of hiring freelancer developers or an in-house team?

Answer: Hiring an outsourcing company gives you access to an entire team of industry experts in one go. However, hiring freelancers may require more effort, time, and money, as you need to search individual developers for particular skills. Also, hiring an in-house team will lead to a much higher cost of infrastructure, resources, and training the team. Instead, when you partner with a dedicated outsourcing software development company, you get all benefits at once.

What are the services that you offer as an outsourcing software company?

As an eminent Offshore software outsourcing company, we offer top-notch Offshore software services like web app development, mobile app development, customized software development, etc. We also provide services related to Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Blockchain Development, etc.

If I partner with you, how will you manage the time zones?

We have a dedicated team of analysts and executives who work in the clients’ time zones whenever required. During the delivery of the projects, several developers, too, work flexibly with the clients.

Why should you hire an outsourcing company in India?

Over the last decade, India has become one of the most favorite spots for global business leaders to outsource Offshore software services. It has become a pool of highly educated and skilled developers. Companies prefer India due to several reasons like lower costs of operations compared to other countries, professional top-quality services, flexibility in timings and languages, global-level cultural environment, etc. Besides, the friendly government policies here make India a preferred choice for outsourcing IT services.

Where is Biz4Solutions based in? What is the team strength?

The head office of Biz4Solutions is based in Frisco, USA and its development center is located in India. The strengths of team Biz4Solutions lies in its core values such as professionalism, transparency with clients, adherence to set deadlines, etc. Furthermore, the team delivers exceptional quality services that help the clients stand apart from the competition. The team ultimately aims to ensure client satisfaction.

Will I have complete control over the hired developers?

You will be able to connect with the developers as and when required. We will be scheduling timely meetings with the concerned team of managers, developers and analysts, every week so that you can get the update on the work status, can convey any changes to them at regular intervals.