Noteworthy App Ideas powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!

Noteworthy App Ideas powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!
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As per a report generated by PWC, there has been a noticeable venture capital investment of $5 billion in about 605 deals in the last two years and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made an apparent impact on these investments. AI has emerged as a transformative technology influencing end-users, business enterprises, and technology markets across the globe through AI-powered or ML-based apps; where Machine Learning (ML) is an important and integral part of AI.
PWC’s report also says that about 67% of the business leaders think that in the future, AI will be fundamental for businesses and help automate mundane processes and greatly enhance productivity.
No wonder why, both these technologies- AI and ML are being widely preferred by Mobile and Web app development companies worldwide. A plethora of AI and machine learning development services have emerged in the past few years and have led to the development of some out-of-the-box apps.
So in this article, we will discuss such amazing app ideas made possible by smartly integrating ML and AI in them. Before getting started, let’s have a glance at what benefits do these technologies offer.

Top-notch Advantages of AI and ML-based Mobile Apps

Apps powered by ML and AI
Personalized User-experience:
By gathering vital user data, and using advanced algorithms these apps serve the users with a personalized experience as per their preferences.
Image Recognition:
Using this feature, the users can detect and categorize entities within images. It helps them with face recognition, object identification, emotion detection, etc.
Voice/Speech Recognition:
This feature helps to automatically capture human speech and accordingly give recommendations too. Google Assistant is one the best examples for this application.
This is another popular feature of AI and ML. Chatbots are extensively used for interacting with users, collect feedback from them, resolve their queries, etc.
High Productivity and Efficiency:
Several people and even enterprises prefer software applications for improving their productivity. Applications based on ML and AI are intelligently designed to meet this purpose. These help the users to automate their tasks improve productivity and thus, save time efficiently.

Exceptional App Ideas Powered by AI and ML

Healthcare-related Apps: Redivus Health and BillyScreen
Redivus Health:
Redivus Health is an intuitive application based on AI and ML used by numerous healthcare providers. It helps to prevent data-related errors in healthcare organizations. Also, it offers uninterrupted support for clinical decisions on a real-time basis during medical documented events.
This renowned mobile app makes use of AI and ML tools, smart cameras, computer vision algorithms, etc. for identifying surged levels of bilirubin present in the white part of the human eyes. Besides, the app is also utilized for the identification of severe ailments like pancreatic cancer.
Photo Finding App: IntelliP
IntelliP helps the users to find high-quality photos by using an on-device detection model. This app will scan and organize all the images present in the smartphone into several categories depending on the items in the phones. Every new image downloaded in the phone is distributed in such categories.
From this categorization, the favorite images of the users will be obtained and the app will also suggest some related photos from the web. If required, the users could even buy premium images that are suggested by their phone depending on the categories of images on their phones. This app also gives insights to the developers about the types of images that the users like the most in a particular geographical location.
IT Services App: AI2
This AI-powered platform is designed by MIT’s Pattern X, Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSIL). It comes with proactive contextual modeling which enables the platform to predict potential cyber-attacks in advance. The contextual modeling is like a continual feedback loop between a human analyst and an artificial intelligence system.
Dating App: Blind Dating
This dating app developed by Biz4Solutions uses smart match-making algorithms for the users to find a matching personality. A personality test is conducted to gather data depending on the personality traits of the users and based on this test, the app recommends the best match. Later, the users can meet their special one by setting a time and a place to meet using this app.
Cybersecurity Apps: CrowdStrike and LogRhythm
CrowdStrike is a brand that utilizes Falcon- a cloud-based endpoint security software. This software provides top-grade security and proactive prevention against cyber threats. The app has served diverse industries like healthcare, finance, retail, etc.
LogRhythm is another high-end security solution that serves various organizations by identifying and responding to several cyber-security issues. Its machine learning profile plays a vital role in the identification of threats and other online anomalies.
Story-telling App: StoryTeller
The StoryTeller app will tell fascinating stories to you from your favorite books at your convenience. The app would read these stories as a professional storyteller does. You just have to paste the story’s link in the app or import the story’s PDF/ Word file to the app. The app predetermines the style of narrating the story depending on a categorical analysis of the obtained story.
This is an interesting app that when installed on your phone, automatically identifies, bookmarks, and saves the details of your favorite places, whenever you go on a trip or navigate any nearby area. The app tracks your location and the places of your interest. It obtains the exact location of those places on the map, and gathers data like their website address, phone numbers, emails, social media links, etc. You can mark your favorite bookmarks on the app and whenever you pass from that location, you get instant notification of your favorite place.
Luxury On-demand App
This app developed by Biz4Solutions provides various luxury services on-demand to users. The service providers accept the requests from the users and offer them more details on their luxury services. The app comes with features like flexible payment options, geo-location integration, user authentication, report generator, etc.

Concluding Words:

The app ideas mentioned in this article have the ability to transform mobile experiences and benefit the entrepreneurs or start-ups adopting them. These apps collect vital user data and offer a more personalized experience to the end-users. As a result, these aptly meet the customer expectations and also improve engagement. Also, such apps show relevant ads to users, driving higher clicks and conversions.
In case you want any assistance on building new-age apps using these technologies, connect with Biz4Solutions team. Biz4Solutions is a high-end AI and machine learning development company.

How Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influence the Market Trends?

How Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Influence the Market Trends?
Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development
Let’s think of a situation where we as employees have to sit and individually rectify the issues faced by our customers. Doesn’t it sound complex and exhausting? What if the same task is performed with the help of technology? Now that definitely sounds impressive. Well! Chatbot Technology along with AI can actually execute such tasks easily and quickly with an automated process and make our lives simpler.
Chatbots are software programs that imitate human conversations, whether written or verbal, whereas Artificial Intelligence comprises of Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning which enables Chatbots to learn various arrangements in the data.
In the year 2016, Facebook created a sensation by introducing a Chatbot messenger. After looking at the success of Facebook, many other companies started integrating Chatbots in their software applications with the help of Machine Learning Development Service providers.
Here are a few statistics about Chatbots.
  • As per Business Insider’s report, 48% of consumers prefer a Chatbot that solves issues over a human help.
  • Adobe 2018, too, predicts that 31% of the top companies in the US intend to use Chatbot powered by AI in the upcoming year.
  • Gartner, a world leader in IT research has already predicted that by 2021, more than 50% of the enterprises will spend more on Chatbots than mobile apps.
Looking at these statistics, we can depict that AI powered Chatbots have a bright future. Also, it is obvious that the Chatbot development services round the globe have taken a leap.
Customer Service is of great importance in any field as it allows the customers to interact as per their choice and get their issues resolved. A Chatbot and AI can become a part of the Mobile Application Development process in order to strategize and boost the business. AI powered Chatbots are rapidly evolving and one needs to ensure that the business provides outstanding customer experience to its clients. With the quick progressions in machine learning and Natural Language Processing, Chatbots can helpfully comprehend clients’ inquiries and give them satisfactory answers which are fed in the database.
A bot is integrated by any business so that it can access the historical data and provide answers to queries raised by the customers and give them a smoother and comforting customer experience. As a result, a lot of businesses are implementing Chatbots in their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Database, with an intention to maximize and spread their business. With the ever-increasing number of mobile app development companies using API (Application Program Interface) to coordinate within their Chatbots, the interest has now shifted on bots that hold the ability to interact across platforms. Henceforth, we can hope to see a rise in various tools and technologies which will foster the web and mobile app developers to build a Chatbot powered by AI that can communicate on voice calls to chat messages.
Chatbots developed by a mobile application company have already started to be the face of AI.


The motive behind Chatbots is to help and scale business groups in their relations with clients. They enable organizations to save a lot of time and money which is the reason numerous entrepreneurs are switching to this latest technology. The biggest advantage of Chatbot and AI is that they are very captivating and lively. They try to know more about the user’s taste and preferences.
One does not need to download an application to be able to use a Chatbot and AI, thus saving a lot of space in your device. The end-users do not need to wait for hours or even minutes anymore to get a response. Chatbots are quick & highly responsive. You ask a query, and there will be an immediate response in the shortest time possible. Besides, Chatbots handle multiple requests at a given time. This is seen as one of the major advantages because it is humanly impossible to handle many requests simultaneously, but Chatbots make it possible thereby reducing the cost.


Chatbots and AI
In this contemporary world, Chatbots and AI are being fused in the sectors of E-commerce and Social Media. For instance, Amazon has magnified its sales force in this space. Amazon integrated its voice assistant, Alexa, into its native mobile app. It has creatively integrated messaging assistant into its mobile application and has been doing wonders for Amazon. Instagram too uses AI for engaging its users.
Let’s take a look at the scope of Chatbots and AI in various fields:
  • E-COMMERCE: Chatbots are commonly used by the e-commerce business as they need to answer the queries of their users across the globe. E-bay’s ShopBot is a budding example of helping their users in shopping.
  • HEALTHCARE: Chatbots are approaching in the field of practice management system in healthcare as consulting a doctor has become slightly difficult these days because of their tight schedule and expensive fees. So, in such a situation, a Chatbot plays the role of a doctor in diagnosing the patient’s health conditions initially. Buoy Health is a Chatbot which takes the medical details of the patient and offers them various solutions and steps for the same.
  • MEDIA: Of lately, Chatbots are becoming successful in the field of news and publishing as well. They serve highly personalized and recommended content to their readers online. CNN, in recent times, has launched a mobile app with Chatbot incorporated in it.


Chatbots have altered the ways in which organizations connect with their clients, and we have just begun the journey of revolutionizing Chatbots powered by AI. Despite the on-going challenges in developing a technology-based customer experience tool, it paves an opportunity to engage with customers efficiently and in maintaining long-lasting relationships with them. Owing to their myriad benefits, Biz4Solutions has suggested many of its clients to include Chatbot in mobile and web app development in order to get quick responses and earn better ROI.