7 Profitable and Evergreen On-Demand App Ideas for 2022

7 Profitable and Evergreen On-Demand App Ideas for 2022
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On-demand apps have become a part of our daily lives. Our daily lives and economic activities are getting centered on online platforms where independent sellers are offering plentiful services using mobile applications. A recent report suggests that the on-demand economy is attracting 22.4 million consumers every year and this number will increase as we head towards a tech-savvy economy. Service providers are hiring on-demand app development companies to enhance their market reach and consumer penetration.

What Is an On-Demand App?

On-demand apps serve as the first layer of connection between the service provider and consumer. It offers two major benefits for the consumer. Firstly, the consumer gets to connect with the service providers directly. Secondly, they get time-efficient services. The service providers benefit in terms of marketing, branding, and profits. On-demand apps have shattered the conventional methods of online services where the platforms were crowded with multiple service providers, curtailing the chances of any one particular service provider garnering attention. These apps have proved their efficiency in meeting the rise in demand across multiple sectors including food, car rental, health services, etc

How Does It Work?

On-demand apps generally focus on one particular area. For instance, Airbnb helps people in finding housing. This defined domain area makes it easier for the consumers to use it. These apps provide different options to the users. Consumers can make service-based payments or get a subscription. Again, there are different types of subscriptions. The non-involvement of third parties or agents makes these apps very profitable where the service providers can directly pitch to the target audience. To cover the maximum audience, the service providers launch mobile apps as well as web applications.

Evergreen on-demand App ideas

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  • Transportation apps
  • We have been using dial-a-ride services for many years. We have pre-booked taxis for airports and out-station movement. Transport is an evolving domain where the demand for services only increases. As technology penetrated the transportation sector, the transport companies started using applications. Today, we have on-demand applications for transportation of goods as well as people. These applications help the service providers to serve the customers in real-time and enhance the customer experience. Have a look at one of our transportation app that monitors the weight of the load that truck is carrying and alerts the user if it goes beyond the baselined truck load weight.
  • Healthcare apps
  • Healthcare is inclusive of different types of on-demand services including on-demand doctors, medicine delivery, and fitness trainer. COVID-19 pandemic has further escalated the demand for these solutions where the user can get most of the necessary healthcare services from home. On-demand doctors and medicine delivery save a lot of transport and waiting time. The millennial and Gen z is more inclined towards fitness which increases the demand for fitness trainers. The middle-aged office-going generation and housewives who do not have the time to visit gyms are looking for such solutions. Healthcare is a very beneficial domain for on-demand apps with the rise in e-pharmacies and e-consultation culture.
  • Food delivery apps
  • Food delivery got instant hype amid the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone was restricted to homes. Consumers are enjoying the privilege of eating their favorite food in the comfort of their homes, miles away from any kind of physical contact. Takeaway counters can be easily seen in restaurants. However, many people wish to save time invested in traveling to these takeaway counters. Food delivery apps have emerged as a necessity for the working population. The demand for food delivery will continue in years to come, making it a great investment for food companies and restaurants.
  • Instant errand running delivery apps
  • We have dozens of errands to complete in one single day. Errands running apps have emerged lately and seem to be a profitable solution. Millions of people wish to save their time on running errands, visiting shops for very small work. They can rely on these delivery apps. The errand running services are marketing their services as fast solutions. For instance, the consumers can get all their orders within 10-15 minutes. The fact that these on-demand apps can deliver anything from grocery to medicines makes them a very profitable proposition. In the future, they may replace food delivery apps and grocery delivery apps.
  • Liquor delivery apps
  • People who consume liquor prefer it for every party and gathering. Currently, the liquor delivery is a very restricted space owing to the strict laws and regulations. However, going ahead in 2022, this domain may populate. There is a great profit margin in selling alcohol. The alcohol sellers are pushing to go online and kick start their business after the pandemic. The liquor delivery app can be very profitable in the coming years as the demand for alcohol will keep rising at its pace. The sellers can offer premium products and delivery casings to earn more profit.
  • Home services apps
  • On-demand home service makes a very lucrative area. It includes a variety of services including cleaning, repair, babysitting, pet care and many more. People have started experiencing the benefits of home services in recent years. An on-demand home service app offers many options such as price comparison, ratings, and premium services which are expected to increase the demand for these apps in the coming years. Moreover, these apps are a source of livelihood for millions of people. The on-demand app providers can give livelihood to thousands of people and make money from their fees.
  • Beauty Services apps
  • Beauty is an evergreen segment where the demand for beauty products and services never dies. People want quality services. This domain has a huge potential for service providers as there are only a few solutions in the market. At-home salon services and make-up professionals save a lot of time on traveling to the salons. Also, anyone can get services at the desired time in contrast to the conventional way of waiting for an appointment.
These 7 on-demand apps are expected to stay evergreen in the coming years. While the technology trends might change, the demand for the services will continue at its pace. On-demand apps are a great way to connect to the target consumers. The service providers can market new services, promote new offers, offer loyalty points, collect feedback and do many more things to increase their profits. Anyone can get started with these apps with the help of any developer or an on demand app development company. We can help you develop a highly responsive and user-friendly on-demand apps. We are an established software development company with 12+ years of experience. Our experts will help you design the most exclusive and attractive applications. Contact us today to launch an on-demand app to enhance your market presence.

How will an On-demand Mobile App boost the profitability of your Car Repair Business?

How will an On-demand Mobile App boost the profitability of your Car Repair Business?
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The vehicle repair sector has undergone a rapid transformation in the last few years. With the advent of technologically advanced luxury cars decked up with avant-garde software systems, the task of repairing has become no less than a high-tech occupation.
Moreover, in today’s fast-moving era, tech-savvy car owners are reluctant to pay visits to the repair facility and prefer obtaining hassle-free repair services at their desired location instead. So, an on-demand app offering car mechanic services is trending these days.
A well-crafted app proves highly profitable and advantageous for a car repair store. Therefore, several automobile businesses are roping in an experienced on-demand app development company for designing customized auto care and repair software solutions.
This post enlightens you about the reasons why developing a customized car repair app proves to be an intelligent business strategy. Before we proceed further, take a sneak peek into how an on-demand automobile repair app works and the must-have features of a car repair app.

How Does an On-demand Automobile Repair App Work?

  • The vehicle owner i.e. the customer logs into the app and chooses the model of their car.
  • The customer chooses the service required and instantly receives a fair quote for the opted service.
  • The customer books an appointment.
  • The technician provides the desired services for the car and drops the car back.
  • The user makes an online payment using the app

Car Repair Application: The Essential Features to Include

  • Inclusion of apps for admin panel, car owners as well as mechanics
  • Advanced search filters and an in-app messaging facility
  • Real-time GPS tracking for tracking mechanics and easily reaching the customers’ location
  • Transparency in pricing so that customers get to know about the actual value of parts changed and the service charges separately
  • In-app wallet facility and secure payment options
  • Facilities of fare estimation and invoice generation
  • Support for multiple languages and even currencies if required
  • Online support and push notifications
  • Customer reviews and ratings
  • Discounts and offers

Business Benefits of an On-demand App offering Customized Car Repair Services

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Establishes Digital Presence
Modern vehicle owners rely on the web or smartphone apps for obtaining every product or service they require. Hence, possessing a mobile app or even a web version showcasing your car repair services; enables your business to appear in the market search. This increases your visibility in the local area resulting in more customers; this can be achieved using the QR codes in smartphone apps. Thus, this approach not only establishes your online presence but also allows you to effortlessly expand your customer base.
Delivers User-friendly Services
An on-demand app for car repair proves super convenient to users. Users can instantly book skilled mechanics with the help of a few clicks on their smartphones. Once the consumers submit their vehicle details and choose the required service, garage owners send repair personnel for service assistance to the customers’ home, office, or any other desired location. Besides, there are times when vehicle owners encounter sudden hassles like a car breakdown or a flat tire in the middle of a highway; and it becomes a daunting task to find a nearby garage or repair services. During such situations, an on-demand car repair app turns out to be the savior; as vehicle owners can book repair services via online channels at any time, from anywhere. Additionally, the car owners enjoy the facility of scheduling future appointments digitally, for follow-up service and maintenance.
Enhances the Productivity of your Services
Thanks to the vehicle repair software embedded within apps, one gets portable access to all data and technical information concerning auto repair. As such, technicians don’t need to leave their current location while repairing; for accessing desktops/laptops. This eases out complex tasks, thereby saving technicians’ time and enhancing the overall productivity of your car repair facility.
Take a detailed look at how this process is executed!
  • Smartphones utilize their in-built Bluetooth connection adapter to establish connectivity via a particular port which is used by the mechanics for searching methodologies, wiring diagrams, illustrations, videos, technical service bulletins, diagnostic data, etc. within a couple of minutes.
  • A wide variety of auto mechanics models, ranging from basic guides to advanced mobile apps, are available. These assist the engineers in creating new ideas and products concerning vehicle repair.
  • You can convert all the models and data into electronic files using WiFi, and this data can be easily managed by various systems of car repair facilities.
Secure Paperless Store Management
CRM software (customer relationship management software) is immensely beneficial for your auto repair business. It helps in providing you clear visibility of every customer interaction, enables you to track sales, eases out collaborations with different teams, organizes/prioritizes opportunities, etc. Furthermore, the adoption of CRM software enables vehicle repair stores to execute paperless operations while maintaining safety protocols. Also, it provides backup which is a sigh of relief for the owners.
The technical offerings of this software include the following:
  • OBDII scanner through Bluetooth
  • Quick estimator
  • VIN scanner tool and License plate
  • Custom service palette and custom packages
  • Ordering of accurate parts
  • The facility of exporting data, wiring diagrams, and videos
  • Order usage history, sales tax reports, and service bulletins
The aforesaid goodies have modernized the car industry operations to a great extent. And surprisingly, such a modernized car repair solution proves to be far more cost-efficient as compared to the erstwhile manual approach of executing the required tasks.
Ensures Accuracy while Scanning of Data
Vehicle repair and maintenance, call for loads of hassles. This is because, for addressing issues like bug fixes, providing smart vehicle specs, and service bulletins; there arises a need to collect and store a host of data, export wiring diagrams, and videos for implementing ingenious solutions. All these action items become quite challenging if the human workforce is involved and things are executed manually.
However, the vehicle repair software offered by an on-demand app has simplified these tasks. It provides the onboard diagnostic scanner (OBDII scanner/OBD2) via Bluetooth. As such, technicians can easily scan a collection of information for creating specs that include VIN Barcodes, speech to text conversion, and diagnostic trouble code (if any). The software can also display live data streaming from the camera as well as impart a bi-direction control – capacity of the controllers to execute actions other than normal operations with fingertips.
Maintains Records for Custom Vehicle Reports
An intelligent on-demand app for vehicle repair offers the facility of auto repair care services to dealers, fleet managers, and vehicle owners unanimously. Its real-time car maintenance authorization tool works wonders in fulfilling customer demand and expectations. Coming to the task of vehicle repair, the software version digitalizes all the functions of the entire process.
For instance, key functionalities available to customers are customer authorization, balance reminders, service bulletins, reminders concerning legal documents, preferred service providers with ratings, etc. While providers enjoy features such as a searchable database with specs of vehicles, digital inspection including wiring diagrams, a database including parts and items, workflow status, and many more.

Concluding Views:

The evolution and expansion of mobile app technologies have opened up new horizons for delivering exceptional user experiences and expanding the customer base. So, it’s a golden opportunity for automobile businesses too, to leverage the potential of phenomenal app solutions for generating revenue and promoting business growth. The ones reluctant to adapt themselves to changing times are bound to fall behind in today’s dynamic and competitive market. So, it’ll be a smart move to seek the assistance of on-demand app development services for fulfilling your objective.
Have you already smartened your car repair business with futuristic app solutions? If so, do share enlightening occurrences you’ve experienced. And, if not, seek professional help from an experienced software development company like Biz4Solutions. We offer dedicated developers who will help you build the app you have envisioned.