Event Management Software: Checklist of Salient Features to Consider!

Event Management Software: Checklist of Salient Features to Consider!
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Looking at the sky-rocketing statistics forecasted by Markets and Markets, a top-grade market research company, we can foresee how bright the future of the event app development industry is. Consequently, a wide range of event planners and entrepreneurs are preferring event apps and event planning software solutions to organize the events. Most of these event organizers rope in an Event app Development Company for architecting that perfect app that suits their requirements.
But it is essential to choose such event management software wisely. It is necessary to ensure that the software consists of relevant features that match your business requirements and serve the purpose aptly.
So, this blog is going to shed light on various features of an event app and help budding event planners, start-ups, or even entrepreneurs who already have an event management business to create a customized event management app or comprehensive software. So, let’s commence.

List of Must-have Features of a High-end Event Management Software!

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Event Registrations, and Ticketing
Ticket selling generates good revenue and so, the event app or software must be integrated with this feature. The event management software must provide an easy and prompt way for the attendees to register for the events, and book tickets. Also, the ticket prices or other fees should be transparent and visible clearly in the software for the attendees. The software should even allow the users to book particular sessions in case the event consists of several sessions. If there is limited seating available for any event, that should be displayed clearly in the software. Also, the software should enable event managers to list their event tickets easily from the backend.
Ticket Validation and Ticket Customization
Easy validation of booked tickets too is vital for event managers. The event managers should be able to simply scan and validate the tickets of the attendees promptly during the events. Thus, they can avoid long waiting queues before the event starts and avoid messy situations.
Ticket customization is yet another feature, which isn’t a must-have but will help you look different and creative than your competitors. The event management solution should have the feature to customize the ticket designs as per the event theme. For instance, if it is a Christmas Party Event, then the ticket should consist of a Santa’s picture or Christmas tree. Themed tickets are much more captivating.
Text Messaging and Audio/Video Calling
One-to-one messaging, group messaging, and audio/video calling features are a must-have as both- the attendees and the event planning staff need them. The attendees need to confirm if their tickets are booked. They may also need to connect to the event managers or the owners while reaching the venue on event days. And when it comes to the event planning staff, they need to organize several mini-events and instantly connect to their fellow team members now and then. So, text messaging and calling features play a significant role here.
Flexible Payment Options
Offering multiple payment options is vital in an event app. These are required when attendees need to do payments, or owners need to pay the planners, or even when sponsors make their contributions. So, integrating secure, reliable, and well-known payment gateway options like Stripe, PayPal, WePay, etc. is a smart decision.
Social Media Integration
In this digital world, social media is one of the most essential features for any kind of business, and event management is no exception. Using social media, an event management company can ask the attendees and clients to comment on, like, and share their posts, and thus boost the traffic on their pages. The company can advertise its business, promote upcoming events online, attract more clients, connect with sponsors, and much more.
Security Assurance
The risk of hacking and cyber threats can’t be ignored and so, an event management tool should ensure that all the data related to events and conferences are secured through various strategies. The software should have strong data encryption services, and follow GDPR regulations. Also, it should not provide access to any unauthorized third parties or vendors. So, the app-users must be assured that they are safe from phishing attacks, hacking activities, malicious malware, etc.
Real-time Event Analytics
Tracking the metrics like valid ticket registrations, total revenue collected, networking stats, number of apps installed, hits on app or website, conversion rates, etc. are crucial for measuring the progress of event business. These statistics help to make well-thought business decisions and accordingly take actions that enhance the business. So, the event management software must be able to gather real-time analytics and generate intelligent reports accordingly.
A Few Other Significant Features to Consider
  • Discounts, and Promo Codes: One of the smart marketing moves is to provide discounts, promo codes, and similar exciting offers during ticket sales and a good event management tool must support this feature.
  • Automated Messaging: Adding this feature to the event app will save vital time for event planners and somewhat reduce their workload. They will be able to send confirmation emails, event reminders, etc. without much effort.
  • Exposure to Sponsors and Partners: Sponsors and Partners expect proper exposure on social media channels, and also at the event venues. So, the event app should have the provision of adding the data and contact details of sponsors and partners in it, to be easily accessible to anyone.
  • Multi-lingual Support: If an event business is operating across different regions and countries, then it is essential that they provide multi-lingual support and so, the software should possess this feature.
  • Surveys and Real-time Polling: These features act as engagement activities for event attendees. By using these features, it is also possible to understand their mindset, their views, etc., and implement them to improve business.

Final Words:

If you want to become successful in the event management business, then a highly functional event management app or software is a must-have. The right solution with relevant features will not only make the event planning job hassle-free and ease out the coordination but will also ensure attendee engagement on a deeper level. Besides, it will help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors in this domain.

The Key Factors that determine the cost of creating an Application like BookMyShow!

The Key Factors that determine the cost of creating an Application like BookMyShow!
cost to develop a ticket booking app like book my show
There was a time when people had to bear the hassles of long waits at the counters, for the simple activity of booking tickets. Thankfully, the advent of digital event-based ticket booking platforms has transformed the ticket booking experience altogether. Today, you just need to click a few times on your smartphones, from the comfort of your homes/offices, for booking tickets to watch your favorite movie, or show. No wonder, online entertainment ticket booking apps like BookMyShow have garnered unprecedented popularity.
BookMyShow, launched in 2007 is India’s most sought-after event-based ticket booking service. Using this app one can book tickets for movies, concerts, sports, events, etc., and also access the events calendar, film reviews, show times, and promotional offers. Here are some glimpses of its success stories.
  • The brand has established its online presence in 4 countries and over 350 cities; and has attained the loyalty of more than 16 million customers.
  • The app boasts of over 30 million downloads and over 10 million ticket bookings per month.
  • It bagged several titles like “The Hottest Company” for 2011-12; “The Company to watch out for” (CNBC Young Turks Award), and the “Best Omni-channel Customer Experience Brand” (OneDirect Quest Customer Experience Awards).
The aforesaid information indicates the humongous market demand for such applications. Therefore, several businesses are looking forward to architecting a ticket booking app. But, the very first question that arises in their minds is; “How much does it cost to develop a ticket booking app like book my show?”
This write-up discusses the key factors that determine the cost of creating an application like BookMyShow. But before we delve deeper, let me provide you glimpses of the trending online ticketing applications.

Top-rated Ticketing Apps

Owned by eBay, it sells tickets for concerts, sports, and many other live entertainment events.
This is an American company that deals with the sales and distribution of tickets obtained from clients.
This is a marketplace for event tickets and an aggregator for the tickets concerning sports, concerts, and other events. The users enjoy the option of browsing through the events, viewing color-coded seat maps, and receiving electronic or printed tickets after their purchase.
This one-stop online portal sells tickets for all sorts of events and clubs up other offers with ticket purchasing activity.

Features to include in a ticket booking app along with Price Estimate

Take a sneak peek into the basic and additional features to include in an online ticketing app.
Basic Features
For App users
  • Login/Signup/registration
  • Forgot Password/Phone Validation
  • Splash Screen
  • Advanced search/Movies/Search Location
  • Booking Movie Tickets/Seat Selection Option with Layouts
  • Checkout Option along with ticket summary
  • Ticket PDF/Options for payment/pay later
  • Booking History
  • Push Notifications regarding upcoming events
  • View/Apply Coupons
Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Login
  • Manage Users
  • Settings
  • Manage current and forthcoming events
  • Withdrawals/Wallet Management
  • Order Management
  • Vendor Management
The app development cost to integrate these basic features for Android as well as iOS ranges from approximately 32,000 to 35,000 USD.
Additional Features
App Users: Blogs, Support Chat, Mobile Wallet Integration, Loyalty and Rewards
Admin: Customer Analytics, dashboard Analytics, Management of Transactions, Managing offers.

Key Factors Affecting the cost of developing a Ticket-booking Application

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The Choice of Platform
The two chief platforms targeted by mobile applications are iOS and Android. While both these platforms involve their specific set of features; Android app development turns out to be lesser costly than iOS. However, most businesses investing in app development target both platforms to cater to more audiences. But, platform selection entirely depends on your app development budget.
The App Design
Top-class and trending designs provide optimum customer satisfaction but are pretty more expensive to implement as compared to the ordinary ones. But, none the less, design is a crucial aspect of an application that not only affects the usability but also the UX. So, even though a high-end design incurs more expenses, it proves profitable in the long run.
The Size of the App
The integration of more tools and features increases the size of the app along with the cost. Therefore, select your features wisely. Remember, all the features offered by bestselling apps are not worthy.
The number of Features
The more features you integrate, the higher are the expenses. So, if you have budget constraints, it is advisable to conduct thorough market research and include only the key features depending on your target audience. However, you need to integrate some trending and unique features, for gaining a competitive edge over the popular applications.
Mobile Wallet Integration
The integration of a mobile wallet into your application elevates the UX by eliminating all types of hassles involved in online payments. But, this add-on will cost dearly, impacting the overall development cost.
Developer Selection
The project cost is directly proportional to the experience and expertise ofthe developers you hire. Nevertheless, it is better to choose proficient developers. Their charges might be higher than anticipated, but choosing quality over cost is necessary to sustain in this competitive market for a longer time.
The geographical location of the developers also plays a crucial role in deciding the development cost as the labor charges vary based on the location Have a look at the approximate developer rates per hour for the standard locations.
  • India and some of the Asian Countries: $20-30$ per hour
  • Eastern part of Europe: $40-$100
  • Australia: $50-$150
  • UK: $50-$180
  • U.S. and Canada: $50-$250

Final Verdict

My write-up must have provided you with a basic idea and approximate cost estimate for shaping your app idea into a fully functional mobile app.
If you hail from a non-technical background, it is absolutely essential to partner with a competent mobile app development company to achieve success. Biz4Solutions, a leading mobile and web app development company would be the ideal technology partner to pick for crafting top-class ticket booking applications. Contact us today!