Healthcare App Development

Looking to Smartly manage Your Healthcare Facility, enhance the patient
experience, and save operational cost?

Key features of our Healthcare Management System

A comprehensive search of physicians depending on location, their specialization, etc. using advanced search filters.
Scheduling and rescheduling of appointments by patients. Doctors and even receptionists can schedule appointments on patient’s behalf.
Accurate data collection and storage, for instance, personal data of patients and vitals like height, weight, BMI, medical history, temperature, behavioral indicators, allergies, etc.
HIPAA compliance for enhanced security of data.
Generation of ePrescriptions.
Automation of several processes like data-entry and other administrative processes.
Seamless communication between patients and physicians.
Integration of insurance (insurance verification).
Saving medical records in digital format as EMR i.e. Electronic Medical Records e.g.- records of patient vaccination.
Generating billing reports.
Ability to monitor the growth of a child.
Ability to sent alert messages and timely reminders to patients and physicians.
Payment integration for instant payments using multiple options.
Tracking of data through advanced Dashboards.
Proper task management of staff members and physicians.
Offers and Promotions for Patients.