Our Software Development Services Offerings

Software Development Services

Digital Transformation

Improve customer experience, attract new customers, control your costs and deliver quality services instantly!

Digital transformation is must to create new business processes and to improve customer experience in todays’ ever-changing market and business environment. Achieve more by using low cost software development services brought to you by Biz4Solutions


Smart Mobility

Custom Mobile Applications and Solutions

Prioritize your content, create high quality user experience, standardize platform experience with focus on fast access instantly, anytime, anywhere. Our Mobile Solution architects will build your applications with mobile first strategy to ensure that your applications can run seamlessly for millions of mobile users.


Experience the Blockchain Revolution! Experience superior efficiency, higher transparency, and elevated security in your applications!.

Blockchain technology helps to accelerate transactions, eliminate intermediaries, speed-up development, and enhance automation in your organization! Embrace our reliable Blockchain development services to acquire enhanced capabilities, and stay ahead of the curve!

IoT and Smart Apps

Leverage the power of IoT Application Development to build the smart solutions across diverse industry verticals

Combine data and intelligence in connecting people, devices and physical objects anywhere. Achieve more by using low cost AI powered IoT solutions brought to you by Biz4Solutions.

Industries We Cater

Our Software Development Services have completely transformed enterprises in Healthcare, Education, Water, Logistics, Oil and Gas and eCommerce domains.


We provide cutting-edge software solutions to global start-ups and mid-sized companies. We build custom mobile apps, web-based apps and software solutions tailored to specific needs of clients. Using agile methodology, we help businesses to mobilize themselves with our technical expertise.

Technology Stack

  • java


  • Rails


  • ReactJS


  • angularjs


  • flutter


  • swift


  • Dot Net


  • Node Js



Our Solutions

We have developed 100+ mobile & web app solutions that have helped global organizations solve their business problems and develop strong relationships with their customers and end users.


Blockchain App

We offer dynamic Blockchain solutions to various businesses across the globe. Our Blockchain app development services bring increased transparency and immutability in transactions and records. These solutions also ensure top-level data security, better automation, reduced development time, and reduced risks.


IoT Apps

Our IoT apps help the businesses to gather the real-time data from sensors, GPS, etc. and manage it effectively to increase the profitability. Cold Machine is one of our IoT apps that measures the Indoor Air Quality and helps in energy conservation in HVAC.


Healthcare Apps

Biz4Solutions delivers innovative healthcare app development services and other digital solutions to leading health brands worldwide. Our services replace traditional medical practices with highly advanced ones and benefit the hospital bodies, pharmacists, care providers as well as patients.

On demand apps

On Demand Apps

We have developed on-demand apps for various domains such as healthcare, lifestyle, grocery, etc. We are a proud technical partner of Beach Caddy, an on-demand caddy service app, which helps the beachgoers to hire caddies.


Ecommerce Apps

We are an eminent eCommerce app development company known for architecting highly interactive, and appealing eCommerce apps. Our expert developers craft user-centric eCommerce apps embedded with modern-day features to help the clients reach their business goals.


eLearning Apps

Biz4Solutions provides top-grade eLearning solutions for educational organizations and corporate enterprises. Our solutions boost digital education by ensuring an easier and faster learning process. Our team tackles complex challenges to develop comprehensive eLearning solutions.


Social Apps

Biz4Solutions has developed social apps with features such as swiping, voicemail, call blocking, real-time chatting, Google-map integration, video and audio calling, etc. YouVOXX is one of our social apps that has more than 50,000 downloads.


Smart Apps

Biz4Solutions designs next-gen Smart apps using predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These apps employ push notifications, messaging services, chatbots, fetches data from various devices, etc to interact proactively with the users and provides smart and intelligent recommendations to them.


Emergency Apps

We design robust emergency apps that emerge as a viable solution to help the victims during panicking situations like accidents, fire outbreaks, etc. Our solutions help to instantly communicate with safety specialists and get rescue assistance to confront the unanticipated disaster.