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IoT App Solutions

In the Modern world, Internet of Things is a technology proving to be an immense boon towards minimizing overhead cost and losses, optimizing productivity and thus eventually maximizing profits by integrating the physical world with the digital. IoT app solutions has become a major business driver as it provides you remote accessibility to real-time data, integration and centralised control of various devices, data analysis & statistical reports, real-time communication on the go, location and tracking services, encryption and data security, etc.

We are IoT App Solutions Providers in USA from past 8+ years. We have developed robust software apps that talk with various hardware devices like Beacons, Sensors, Controllers, NFC, pulse meters, Apple watches, etc. We have a team of proficient IoT app developers which can transform your devices into smart devices using most advanced technology.

Industry-Focused IoT App Development

We are an experienced IoT applications development company in USA with a proven track record in IoT App Development and have catered various industries like Healthcare, Water Treatment, Transportation & Logistics and Hospitality for their automation and IoT needs by providing End to End IoT based software solutions.

As Biz4Solutions, we have expertise with entire gamut of IoT software solutions needed by healthcare providers, Patients and Doctors which enable them with automated appointment & scheduling systems, insurance card scanning, EMR packages featuring dashboards, medical history, clinical data management, Billing functions like submitting claims to payers/carriers through our clearing house software, record vital counts(heartrate, blood pressure, stress level and etc.) via wearable devices integrated and much more. We have helped build systems that submit claims to government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid too in accordance with HIPPA Guidelines.
Biz4Solutions since many years have been providing clients with the best water testing and analysis IoT software solutions that are integrated with multiple sensors and are compatible to various water testing devices for systematic waste water management. Real-time testing counts, Offline Data Management, tracking and managing employee activity, data analysis, report generation and accessibility to the same data remotely are few key features that are part of our water treatment IoT apps.
Biz4Solutions focuses on improving transport and logistical efficiency of businesses by providing highly scalable IoT apps which are specifically customized according to your business needs. Real-time fleet management, speed and tyre pressure monitoring, Identification of potential vehicle failure, tracking of orders and shipment, inventory management, billing and reporting and streamlined order management system can be easily achieved by our IoT apps which are integrated and configured to connect with Ble beacons, automated sensors, scanners, NFC tags, POS systems and etc.

IoT and Wearable Portfolio


Home Appliance Automation

Cold Machine

An efficient app that monitors and controls indoor temperature, measures indoor air-quality and helps energy conservation!



Water Treatment Projects

A useful app that determines microbiological water quality, anytime and anywhere, ensuring safe drinking water!




An app that enables identification, tracking and management of multiple patients during catastrophic events, saving lives!



Heart Rate Measurement IoT App

An intelligible app that measures your heart rates and displays the stress level, keeping a watch on your health!




A remunerative app that tracks the truckload, sends you alert messages and increases efficiency and productivity!




A speed limit app that updates you with live speed of your car and warns you when you cross the safe speed limits!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How IoT will help my business needs?

IoT helps businesses in multiple ways. Some of the benefits of IoT are: Automation: IoT increases business efficiency by automating many operations. It can significantly reduce human interactions and subsequently increase business profit. Automation helps achieve more control and higher productivity. Machine to Machine Communication: IoT enables machines to communicate with one another, thus providing more quality and more transparency. Customer Trends: IoT helps in monitoring customer trends and hence allows the apps to be more customer-centric.
Yes. All the data will be saved in a secure database. We deploy our databases on clouds like AWS or Google Cloud. These cloud services are very secure. Also, in some cases, we encrypt the database and it is difficult to decrypt it even if the server is hacked.
No. IoT requires hardware such as sensors, gateways, controllers etc, but that is a one time cost. Once we have the correct infrastructure in place, IoT can reduce human interaction and increase efficiency. Hence, in the long run, IoT is actually cheaper than conventional solutions.
No. The infrastructure cost depends on app features and requirements. Some infrastructure might cost more, but it is not a general rule. However, IoT infrastructure, in the long run, will prove to be cheaper and hence, worthier alternative to conventional solutions.