Angular Framework- A Winning Choice for App Development!

Angular Framework- A Winning Choice for App Development!
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It was in the year 2009 when Misko Hevery, an employee at Brat Tech LLC, started working on AngularJS and finally in 2012, released its first version- AngularJS 1.0 and later released multiple versions of Angular one after the other, Angular 9 being the latest. The project is officially supported by Google. Today, Angular has developed into one of the most popular frameworks in the software world. Several leading companies like PayPal, Freelancer, Netflix, The Guardian, and iStock have used it for their projects. Consequently, there is a high demand for an Angular app development company that develops world-class applications for its clients.
Let us also have a look at some statistics related to the Angular framework estimated by SimilarTech, a renowned platform for insights on sales related to technologies.
  • Industrial domains using Angular:
    • Computer Electronics and Telecommunications- 6.60%
    • Entertainment and Arts- 4.90%
    • Education and Science- 3.43%
    • Media and News- 3.04%
    • Others- 82.02%
  • Country-wise usage of Angular in the world:
    • United States- 75,809
    • Russia- 48,874
    • Taiwan- 18,397
    • United Kingdom- 10,668
    • India- 10, 467
    • Rest of the world- 160198
We can see how this Google-empowered front-end framework has, in a short time, become the winning choice for app development as compared to other frameworks. So, in this blog, we will outline the reasons why this framework is a good choice over other frameworks. Let’s get started.

Why Angular Framework is Highly preferred over other Frameworks?

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Outstanding Productivity and Simplicity of Use
Angular is quite simple to use due to the availability of high-end features. Angular has a component-based model that facilitates the reusability of components inside the app. These features significantly reduce the efforts of an AngularJS app developer for coding the applications. Also, AngularJS has customized IDEs that help the developers to track any errors instantly. This framework has numerous templates for the faster development of the UI. Another feature- CLI i.e. Common Line Interface in this framework lets the developers attach the components and create applications faster.
Easy Integration with Other Libraries
This is one of the best benefits that this framework offers. Angular integrates easily with other libraries, especially when it comes to web development projects, thus making the development speedy. When Angular app developers use various object-oriented MVC frameworks for server-side development, the integration of AngularJS for client-side development becomes simpler.
Strong Support from Google’s Community
It is supported and maintained by the Tech giant- Google. It is one of the most active communities of talented developers who are capable of resolving any issues during the app development process. So, the community provides excellent support to anyone and everyone having any technical issues. This is indeed a boon for every front-end web developer working with Angular. Also, this community hosts conferences and invites global IT companies that introduce modifications and advancements in the framework.

Now let us have a glance at some technical goodies that Angular offers:

MVC Architecture:
Angular comes with an MVC i.e. Model View Controller architecture. Using the MVC, the AngularJS developers can create an application in three separate layers and then merge the codes together. Also, this architecture allows synchronizing the data automatically and reduces complexity while coding. Thus, it becomes a time and effort-saving process altogether.
Two-way Data Binding Potential:
This is an amazing feature that allows the modifications in the user interface to immediately reflect in the applications. Any module changes, user actions, browser events, etc. in the framework gets updated effectively across the app. The developers don’t need to save the links to DOM elements as they can be used immediately. Also, low-level constructions don’t need to be used.
Declarative Coding Style:
Angular’s Declarative coding paradigm is used for the creation of commonly accessible platforms. This includes only the code essential for producing necessary outcomes which makes reading and understanding the code easier and also makes the code lightweight.
POJO Model:
The Angular framework makes use of all objects that are POJO i.e. Plain Old JavaScript Object. This model provides all the standard JavaScript functionalities for manipulating objects. It offers spontaneous and well-planned objects, so, the developers don’t need any extra getter and setter functions.
Angular uses HTML which is a pattern language and has the facility of directives. As a result, the AngularJS app developers can easily build new HTML custom directives and code more effectively. It also improves code readability.
Single Page Application (SPA) Features:
This framework is packed with a host of SPA features which gives more control to developers over form validation abilities. SPAs allow easy creation and control of online forms. This results in productive outcomes and gives developers the freedom to modify the behaviour of HTML elements in the UI.
The Facility of Using Filters:
AngularJS comes with a directory of filters consisting of filters like Currency, Number, Date, Uppercase, Order By, etc. Also, in case more filters are required, developers can quickly register a new filter factory. The filters are quite helpful while developing database search functionality or while presenting large data chunks to the users.
RESTful Functionality:
AngularJS supports REST functionality in the ngResource module which again contributes to the building of a quality application while saving the developer’s time.
Other Technical Benefits:
Along with the aforesaid benefits, Angular app development also provides a few other advantages. It allows the creation of a captivating, user-friendly, and lightweight user interface. Moreover, it enables the creation of several new modules for a single application to ease out the development process. Furthermore, it comes with an in-built unit testing module which reduces the unnecessary wastage of time. This enables the developers to get real-time information about the projects.

Final Words:

We have seen the significant reasons why Angular app development can be chosen for your next project. Although Angular may not be the best-suited option for every kind of requirement in the market, it is undoubtedly one of the best technologies for creating a wide range of feature-rich and high-quality applications for several industrial verticals.
With this, we have come to the end of this blog and would like to know your vital thoughts in the comment section.

The most Notable Free Angular Templates that every Angular App Development Team must have!

The most Notable Free Angular Templates that every Angular App Development Team must have!
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An Angular template is an HTML snippet that provides instructions on how to do the rendering of components within an Angular app.
Some of the major benefits of using Angular templates are:
  • Provides a clear boundary by separating the view layer from the other parts of the framework
  • Ability to transform the templates during the compilation of the code.
  • Separates the dynamic and static parts of the view that enables developers to speedily look at the structure of the view and figure out how it can change.
  • When the framework leverages templates, the data-access integration library can derive the queries from the templates easily.
  • Allows the framework to convert static text from one language to the other without involving any runtime cost.
Hence, the usage of templates forms a crucial part of Angular app development projects.
This post lists down the names of some free Angular templates that every Angular app development team must have!
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This is a free and open-source AngularJS dashboard template that is based on Bootstrap. It contains 100+ customizable components that include a host of styles, widgets, and layouts. This dashboard template also offers 1000+ quality icons for designing an application. Besides, the CoreUI Layout API turns out to be a handy developer tool that helps to develop customized software for multiple platforms including web and mobile devices.
CoreUI also offers a pro/paid version that comes with additional offerings like more UI kits and plugins, access to the GitHub repository, and many more.

Egret Angular

This Angular admin template is created by integrating Angular CLI, TypeScript, Flex-Layout, AND Angular Material. Egret ensures the top-quality design, one of the best codebases, light as well as dark themes, page templates, various layouts, several applications, etc. The components offered by Egret are not only reusable but also responsive. Some of its key offerings include lazy loading, multiple color options, an in-built customizer, code splitting ability, routing access control, vertical/horizontal navigation, JWT authentication, and help/support videos.

Argon Dashboard Angular

This free Angular template offers a host of features just like a premium version. These include seven example pages, five plugins, and 100+ elements to choose from. It also comes with a live preview and documentation that provides a better understanding of this tool and guides developers using it. Furthermore, Argon’s team of experts is available for assisting developers, solving their queries, and providing additional support.

Laravel Angular Admin

This is an Angular admin dashboard template and happens to be one of the high-end Laravel products. The starter kit guides angular developers on creating their own user interfaces and crafting their own software development projects. Moreover, this Angular admin template offers a host of customization abilities and features JWT authentication.

Purple Angular

This Angular dashboard template offers a beautifully drafted admin dashboard with a unique gradient design and loads of necessary components – icons, UI elements, and components that ease out the creation of web apps as well as customization. The other features include pricing tables, invoices, and dedicated eCommerce pages called “Orders”.
It comes with a clean look having enough white space for reducing clutter so that users are able to retrieve the desired information from a clutter-free dashboard. This Angular11 dashboard template is styled using ng-Bootstrap. It offers Sassy CSS (SASS) and Gulp taskrunner for speedier customization, support for a one-year period, and lifetime updates for free.

Angular Material dashboard

This dashboard has Material Design as its base and provides a free UI kit. This open-source template fulfills individual as well as business requirements. It comes with a wide variety of components, Sass styles, and animations that facilitate the designing and development of an Angular website/web app. This project is highly responsive across various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc., and possesses 1,300 GitHub stars.

Nebular 4.0

This Angular8 UI Library focuses on an appealing design and can effortlessly adapt to brands. It offers a robust theming engine having the option of runtime theme switching, support for custom CSS properties mode, and four attractive visual themes.

Paper Kit 2 Angular

This is an Angular template as well as a free Bootstrap 4 UI kit. It is designed for Angular7 and comes with alluring typography and beautiful colors, several custom-made icons, navigation tabs, pagination, inputs, pre-defined pages, SASS files, documentation, and many more. All its components are highly responsive and complement all kinds of screen sizes. Its colors, shadows, and transitions are just like the flow obtained using paper pieces. Angular web app development and prototyping various Angular projects become easier with this tool.

Notus Angular

This is a free Tailwind CSS and Angular kit and Admin. Its amazingly cool features assist developers to create tools that elevate the project standards and quicken web development. It comes with a wide range of components and vibrant colors that help in architecting alluring websites. Each element has various states for colors, hover, styles, etc. that are easy to access as well as use. This Angular website template offers the freedom to choose and integrate as well as modify the components. Since all elements are implemented, developers save a considerable amount of time when they move from prototyping to a fully functional code. It possesses pre-built examples and hence enables a seamless development process and effortless switching to the website.

Ngx Admin

This free admin dashboard template based on Angular5+ versions, Bootstrap4; is brilliant and plain sailing. It is highly responsive, offers a neat web design that guarantees a pleasurable Angular web development experience. It provides flexibly configurable themes containing two themes for hot-reload – a dark and a light version.

Corona Angular

Corona Angular is Angular’s version of a dark-themed admin panel for users who prefer dark themes. It has been crafted in a way that it is very easy on individuals’ eyes particularly if they work during the late-night hours. This template supports the dark themes only and comes with over 50 custom pages and over 25 sample pages that include register, login, and eCommerce.

NG Matero

This free Angular material admin template is highly customizable as well as responsive. It comes with a robust color system and several layouts. The prime objective of this admin template is to offer a customized template of superior quality. Some of its notable features are the support for schematics, material extensions, modern design styles, RTL support, multiple admin layouts, rich CSS helpers, and support for the dark mode.

Final words:

These handy Angular templates are an integral part of developing mobile/web applications in Angular. I hope this post was insightful and will help you to pick the most suitable dashboard/admin template that perfectly fulfills the requirement for your upcoming Angular development project. Take a look at other useful Angular developer tools for building websites/web apps.
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