The Best Self-care Apps of 2021 and their disruptive Advantages!

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In today’s fast-moving era individuals are expected to work through long hours and be exceptionally productive at the same time. Owing to these demanding expectations, modern individuals hardly find enough time for taking care of themselves. But, it’s clinically proven that self-care is essential for relieving stress/depression/anxiety, staying healthy, minimizing chances of heart-related disorders, managing anger/frustration, enhancing happiness, improving concentration, and being more productive.
Well, the good news is technological advancement has gifted us with ingenious ways of indulging in self-care without having to devote much time – self-care apps for health and wellness. These apps act as your personal trainer cum assistant and help you to take good care of yourselves.
So let’s check out the most significant self-care apps for iPhone and Android phones that are recommended for 2021 along with their amazing offerings. Here we go!

The Most Prominent Self-care Apps of 2021

Best Self Care Apps 2021
This application provides guided meditation, including breathing tactics and exercises on body awareness. It proves beneficial for meditation novices who intend to set up a new self-care routine. Headspace offers a wide variety of mindfulness techniques that help users to relieve stress/anxiety, boost concentration levels, etc. for achieving the long-coveted balance in their busy lives. Besides the regular meditation modules, you’ll also find two/three-minute meditation exercises that will provide relief to busy individuals amidst a hectic and stressful workday. This way, users are encouraged to indulge in a few minutes of mindful activity each day.
Headspace is available in free as well as paid versions and is compatible with iPhone as well as Android devices. The users of the free version can avail of the ten-minute meditation program, while the subscribers enjoy access to the app’s entire content on diverse wellness topics and have the option of connecting with other individuals on this platform for gaining motivation. The minimum subscription fee is 13$ monthly or 95$ yearly.
This self-care app enables users to completely shut their brains off and fall asleep effortlessly. Therefore, the app works wonders for people who struggle to fall asleep easily. Pzizz makes use of a variety of techniques for inducing sleep. These techniques include ‘algorithmically remixed sounds’ like musical sounds, sound effects, white noise, and voiceovers. The app tracks an individual’s sleep patterns over time to comprehend which ‘dreamscapes’ work best for a specific user. Based on these findings, it personalizes the sleep experience of users as per their requirement, so that they fall asleep quickly, remain asleep, and wake up transformed.
This is a free mobile app available for both Android and iOS versions.
This award-winning app caters to those individuals who are suffering from issues like stress, anxiety, and depression. Its key offerings include meditation techniques, tracking of a person’s mood at a given point of time, and guidance through practicing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a remedy for improving mental health. For best results, audio exercises like calming soundscapes and positive visualizations are employed to calm a person’s mind. It also provides peer support who can understand your situation, expert advice through coaching, live therapies with licensed professionals.
The free version of this app comes with a basic package, while the paid version provides additional features. One can choose any of these payment models – monthly/yearly/ lifetime subscription. Sanvello offers in-app purchases as well.
This self-care app is an ideal pick for those individuals who resort to gaming for relaxation. The users can access 40+ short, fun games using the Web or any Android/iOS smartphone device. These games that include puzzles, logic problems, memory games, etc. have been created by neuroscientists, and are specifically designed to provide brain workouts. These help users boost their attention span, memory, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving ability. To sum up, Lumosity employs interactive and fun methodologies to offer cognitive training to your brain and coaches you on how your mind works.
In the course of playing games, users can track their progress over time and also identify their cognitive patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. Moreover, immediately after downloading the app, one can take a ten-minute “Fit Test” and set a baseline score. This score evaluates their proficiency and shows them where they stand as compared to others belonging to their age group.
This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and comes in free as well as paid versions. The free version enables users to track their food intake, track their calorie count based on the food consumed, workouts, weight, and set fitness goals for themselves. It allows you to use quick tools, save recipes and meals, scan barcodes, for easy tracking of the food. The app also allows users to connect with other like-minded people for challenging one another concerning diet/fitness and for sharing tips/inspirational words/challenges on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The premium version offers additional functionalities like exclusive articles on healthy living, a nutrition tracking facility, and an ad-free interface.
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As the name suggests, this application comes with a promise of making users happier by imbibing positive emotions in them and providing a feeling of enhanced life satisfaction. Happify recommends simple activities that boost happiness including exuberant games and quizzes. It facilitates you to form new good habits and break old patterns that are harmful to health. Moreover, the users are given scores based on their performance. The App allows to measure the emotional well-being of a person. These activities help individuals to eliminate stressful/negative thoughts, increase one’s capacity to manage stress, and also assist users to be successful at their work. Happify is available for iOS and Android devices.
Fooducate App
This app helps users with one of the most crucial aspects of their daily lives – maintaining a healthy diet. Individuals who go on diets find it difficult to track calories as well as their progress. This is exactly what this app does. Fooducate tracks the nutrition value of your diet and also analyzes and advises on the right food intake as per their quality of ingredients.
The app users not only get assistance in losing weight and tracking their calories, workouts, and macros but also receive motivation from a global community.
Aloe Bud
This self-care application, available for iOS devices, motivates users and encourages them to engage in small but meaningful tasks. It sends gentle nudges throughout the day for reminding users about crucial self-care activities like eating on time, drinking ample water, connecting with family members/pals, getting some fresh air, celebrating minor victories, etc. This approach of spreading self-awareness through push notifications proves immensely beneficial for individuals who are struggling with mental health issues like depression and hence finding it difficult to practice self-care.
This app assists users to fall asleep fast and have a sound sleep. The app acts as a personalized sleep assistant. It provides a questionnaire to the users’ for rating their sleep quality and then instructs on better sleeping techniques via learning modules. It also tracks the users’ individual sleep patterns and then suggests personalized activities based on those patterns. For instance, Shleep prioritizes modules as per the sleeping patterns of every user. These activities prompt users to focus on their sleeping habits and improve their sleep quality as well as bedtime routines. Shleep can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users.
This self-care app helps users to accomplish one of the most challenging tasks – quitting smoking. The users are sent handy tips, motivational words, etc. to refrain from buying cigarettes. Also, there are stop-smoke coaches available who will provide professional advice on how to quit smoking. It also tracks the time elapsed without cigarettes and provides a chart displaying the amount of money the user has saved after quitting smoking. The users can use the amount saved for setting incentives for themselves, such as buying a smartphone.


It’s important for modern individuals to practice self-care for staying fit and healthy and so self-care apps are an indispensable inclusion in their daily routines. Needless to say, these applications have garnered unprecedented popularity amongst the masses.
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