Must-have features for creating a versatile Fitness mobile app

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In today’s era with all the awareness of diseases on fingertips, people are getting increasingly health-conscious. A sedentary lifestyle, resulting in obesity and several other health complications, is encouraging more and more people to resort to fitness for staying healthy. As a result, there has been a sharp rise in the demand for fitness mobility solutions. These app solutions are the need of the hour, to maintain a healthy routine, specifically at a time when social distancing is the norm. Report from Grand View Research, Inc. says, that the global Health market is growing at a CAGR of 44.2% and is expected to reach 111.8 billion USD by the year 2025. Hence it is a golden opportunity for businesses to capitalize on the market demand by creating customized healthcare software solutions.
But all apps are not competent enough to impart an enriching user experience. So, the fitness app development process should be executed carefully to ensure that your app is engaging and useful. As such, before hiring Healthcare app development services for crafting an exemplary fitness app, you must know the essential features to include in your application. This post discusses the key features that an ideal fitness app must have.

Key Features of Fitness Apps

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Mentioned below are some must-have features of fitness apps that would make them popular amongst fitness freaks.
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If your fitness app has the following features it’s time to say good bye to the gym sessions!
  • Personalized diet plan and useful tips: The feature enables the users to create diet plans based on age, gender, weight, height, and underlying health conditions. Proper recipes are suggested too, for convenience.
  • Exercise regime: This feature not only plans the course of daily workouts as per the user’s body requirements but also instructs on how it should be done, just like a gym trainer. This is important because an improper way of exercising could have adverse effects.
  • Logbook feature: Logbook feature stores information about workouts for future reference and maintains a record of the intensity of medical conditions like heart rate count, hypertension, and diabetes, to name a few.
  • Push notifications: Reminders through push notifications stimulate users to follow their exercise regime amidst their busy schedules.
  • Goal-based activities: Setting goals related to weight management, counting calories, distance covered, and height climbed is one of the most desirable features.

Benefits of integration with other services

  • Social sharing feature via chat or video conferencing enables users to share their achievements with like-minded people, exchange useful tips on wellness, and receive customized solutions by interacting with experts.
  • Integration with Wearable Devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands, etc. allows users to fetch health data. Mobile apps can fetch data from wearables by connecting to APIs from Apple Healthkit, Google fit, etc.
  • Activity Tracking provides a comparative analysis between the actual target set by the user and his/her achievement by tracking their progress for various outdoor activities.
  • The addition of fun elements like gaming or music makes the app attractive and instigates more people to use the app.

Creation of user-friendly apps

Users prefer agile apps with minimal clicks. So, developers must create apps with simple functionality, hassle-free operation, intuitive design, easy navigation, and interactive features to impart a unique user experience.

Final Thoughts:

The advent of Fitness apps has simplified the healthcare routine and redefined the idea of wellness altogether. Thus, the number of users is multiplying. Healthcare app development firms should be able to meet the increasing demands of a dynamic and competitive market by creating flawless apps decked up with rich features that enhance the overall user experience. So, mobile app developers must carefully design an app and avoid any glitches in the operational system.
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