Architecting a Mobile Conference or Event App: Benefits, Features, and Pricing!

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As per a study, 37% of event planners make use of mobile event apps for event-related tasks. This is a sign of the rising demand for mobile conferences or event apps for organizing the events. Whether private meetings or large conferences, these mobile event applications are transforming this event planning sector at a fast pace.
So in this blog, we will have a glimpse at several aspects like vital features of the event apps, and their pricing. But before that, we will have a quick look at the key reasons behind the popularity of these apps. Let’s begin.

Significance of Event Planning App Development

  • One App for Multiple Events: A single branded event application can be utilized for organizing a host of events. It can become a trusted channel for the event planners, their staff, and all attendees.
  • Simple and inexpensive way to gather and deliver information: An unlimited amount of event-related information can be easily added to the app. This information can also be edited and immediately conveyed to the attendees through the app.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Interaction: A feature-packed event app comes with features and functionalities that enable high-quality meetings, better interaction, engaging activities, etc. Besides, conducting surveys, questionnaires, asking for ratings, generating reports, etc. is possible with such an app and this boosts user engagement.
  • Advanced Planning: The app acts as a smart resource for proper planning of events and streamlining the event hosting. It helps to efficiently implement the best-known project management practices.
  • Better Networking Capabilities: An event management app offers a great opportunity for attendees to build a strong network in their arena.
  • Creating New Revenue Streams: Event apps help to open up new opportunities for growing partnerships with sponsors and creating additional revenue streams as well.

Top-grade Features of the Best Conference or Mobile Event Apps!

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Push Notifications and Data Synchronization
Like other apps, push notifications are one of the most useful features available in the event apps too. These notifications help in informing the attendees of the event details well in advance and also remind them a day before the events. Besides, the data synchronization with the server, it enables informing the attendees regarding any modifications in the event program, time, schedule, location, etc. in real-time.
Maps and Geolocation Tracking
This feature helps the attendees to aptly reach the location of the event.
Besides marking the event location in the integrated map, you can also do the following:
  • Employ live directions for assisting the participants in real-time.
  • In case the event is held over a larger area, build an inner map in the event app with different points of interest.
  • Also, try making the geo-location feature work offline for the attendees to use the app navigation even during unstable network connections.
Calendar and Planner for Schedule
It is of utmost importance to display the details of the event program in the calendar and add them to the schedule. This feature is immensely important for users to remain informed of the event. Also, the planner i.e. customizable notification system will ensure that the users won’t miss any program.
Event Preview
Several people will decide on whether or not to attend the event based on the final preview of the event. So, the event preview should include some interesting content that resonates with the target audience and allures them to participate.
News Feed
The basic purpose of every mobile event or conference app is to inform and entertain its audience and ‘News Feed’ can help to do this well. It also helps to keep the users of the app updated with the latest news or modifications about the events or other important announcements. Besides, this feature enables the organizers to share event photos, videos, interviews, ads, etc. for keeping the users excited about the event.
Networking Ability
Most of the time, the attendees are looking for developing networks through an event, especially corporate events. Rather, networking and building contacts are some of the major reasons why professionals attend events. So, the app must allow the attendees to freely connect, chat and share content with others. At the same time, make sure that spam or unnecessary sales pitches are avoided.
Ticket Booking
This is a powerful feature that can be used for better event planning for participants and monetization purposes as well. The in-built ticket booking feature of the event app saves the participants from the efforts like finding tickets from other sites or offline locations, printing tickets, payments, etc. All this can be done easily through the app.
List of Speakers
For a mobile conference app, it is a must to add a list of speakers, especially when the events are corporate and could include open-air lectures or so. Technically speaking, integrating this feature is not much difficult. A single-screen needs to be added that has the speakers’ details, photo elements, text, social media links, etc.
Ratings and Feedback
Reviews, ratings, and real-time feedback by the attendees are essential for every budding event planner or event app owner. It helps to get insights for improvement of the app as well as particular events that were organized using the app. By using this feature, the participants can chat in real-time with the speakers or experts in the events and rate them too.

Event App Development Cost Considerations

Architecting an impactful event app is no easy task. It depends on a plethora of factors like types and numbers of features to be integrated into the app, location of the development firm, experience of event app developers, app platform, API integrations, app security measures, UI/UX design, devices that the app supports, usage of smartphone hardware, support and maintenance requirements, and much more.
However, here are a few aspects based on which you will be able to get a rough idea about the event app development pricing.
  • Companies offering Event app development services can take 8-10 weeks for creating a good event management app.
  • The hourly rate of developers can range from $20 to $50 or more, depending on the location and reputation of the offshore software company.
  • A simple event app can cost anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. An app with medium complexity can cost from $40,000 to $60,000 and a full-fledged app with complex features can cost $ 60,000 and above.
  • Additional costs can be incurred for features that are related to attendee engagement, brand awareness, etc.
But every project has individual specifications and requirements. So, if you want to get an exact estimate for your mobile conference app project, get in touch with Biz4Solutions, we will provide you the estimates within 48 hrs.

Final Thoughts

Mobile technologies have advanced to their best capacity and have disrupted the event management industry in myriad ways. Mobile event apps or conference apps have become a must-have for modern-day event professionals. But without the right set of engaging features, these apps cannot provide better attendee engagement, real-time insights of events, and thus, increased business. So, in this blog, we have made an effort to list down those features, with event app benefits and also explained the event app development cost considerations.
Hope this blog helps in making important decisions in your event planning app development journey.
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