On Demand Apps- The New Game Changers in The Business World!

On-Demand Service Apps
A few clicks and the world is at your doorsteps! Sounds like a blessing in this busy world, isn’t it? The on-demand apps work exactly on this need of the hour. These apps allow people to get things easily available to them while saving time and that too with ample of choices online. Simple tasks like buying a gift or ordering dinner, whatever it is, the on-demand service apps have made ordering-on-the-go possible.
All this started with Uber, the popular ride-sharing app! But today, many industries like food, beauty, healthcare, travel, home services, etc. are using this technology to provide personalized services to their target audiences. This market attracts more than 22.4 million customers every year, as per the statistics from Harvard Business Review, a general management magazine by Harvard Business Publishing. This technology is growing leaps and bound due to the huge benefits it offers to various industries. BeachCaddy is an outstanding example of an on-demand app. Using this app, the beach-goers can hire caddies on the beach to help them in carrying and arranging beach items like chairs, umbrellas, etc. Users can track the caddies and do their payments instantly through the app. It makes the beach vacation hassle-free.

Why On-Demand Service Apps Are Succeeding at a Fast Pace?

These apps are making a revolution in our daily lives. They connect the buyers to sellers directly avoiding any middlemen and thus, making the process hassle-free. Many apps are available for services like home services, ticket-booking, food delivery, taxi-booking, location-based, grocery ordering, booking doctor appointments, hiring plumbers, beauty services, etc. These personalized services save a lot of efforts and time of people. They simplify the complex processes like online payments for users. They allow the users to place orders conveniently as well as track the orders.
From the business point of view, on-demand service apps are having huge potential and their revenue seems to be growing soon. The customers all around the world have got the taste of personalized services and they are demanding more now. Many industries are making use of this smart service to cater to their customers. These services have opened doors to numerous business opportunities and its future scope is surely high.

Industries that Benefit from the On-demand Technology

On-Demand Service Providers

Food Delivery

Food delivery is not a new concept, but the on-demand service apps have completely changed the way it works. People order food from their favorite restaurants nearby and enjoy delicious meals sitting at their homes. Local restaurants and hotels can partner with on-demand service providers and take their business to a whole new level of profits. This service is especially helpful to busy parents or anyone willing to delicious food without leaving their home. Eatzy is a good example of on-demand app integrated with online ordering portals and third-party delivery services. This app shows the rates of a food item from various ordering sites at one place. Consumers can compare the rates and then order as required, saving a lot of valuable time.

Home Services

Maintenance and repairs services like plumbing, home renovation, electrical, repairing, cleaning, carpentry, etc. are always required in homes. Any business in these services never suffers. Instead, the on-demand services have boosted this industry like never before. The customers can hire the respective specialists conveniently sitting at their homes.


Patients can now find the doctors online and book appointments as per their availability using their smartphones. In case of emergency, patients can get urgent care or treatment without having to wait in long queues. They can get guidance through texts, video calling, etc. These apps prove to be a great opportunity for physicians as well who are looking out for a supplemental job. A good example of an on-demand service app is Phlex65. It is a US-based app that helps the senior citizens to hire licensed caregivers instantly from the nearby areas. Caregivers help them in daily activities like monitor medications, bathing, book appointments, housekeeping, etc. and also during emergencies. This app benefits the senior citizens while empowering caregivers.

Travel and Transportation

Booking a taxi anywhere anytime is an example of how on-demand services have revolutionized the travel and transportation business. It has made the whole process easier and quicker for consumers. They can book a taxi easily in minutes. Also, the payment methods are quite easier in these apps. So, this industry is evolving rapidly.


On-demand apps have introduced a modern way of education to the world. Students can hire tutors online and they can easily get access to quality education. These apps are interactive and they help the students to learn things quickly. They are a great opportunity for the skilled people who want to earn some money in their part-time by tutoring. Mentor-Mentee app is an excellent example of an on-demand app for the education industry. Using this app, people having skills can log in as mentors and train the mentees who are willing to learn from them. Mentors can provide any service related to their skills like dancing, singing, programming, etc. The app has features like multi-user login, social media integration, payment integration, etc.


In this era of high competition, businesses are taking pro-active efforts to reach their target audience. Gone are the days when consumers used to look for services. An on-demand service app for a business is the best way to earn huge profits. As these apps are highly effective in serving the customers, they are already spreading in the market like fire.
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