Online Grocery Stores promote a Greener Environment! How?

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Gone are the days when weekend trips to the grocery store were an integral part of a family’s schedule. The practice of social distancing ushered in by the pandemic has transformed the grocery shopping process of consumers altogether. People have finally realized the advantages and experienced the convenience of making online purchases using an online grocery app.
Online grocery stores have become the order of the day and this trend is here to stay. Take a look at some interesting stats concerning online grocery shopping and delivery as researched and predicted by the U.S-based online portal SaveMyCent.
  • 70% of the grocery shoppers in the U.S.A. will make online purchases by 2022
  • Merchants who are linked with logistics firms will be able to reduce their fleet expenses by 30% approximately
  • The grocery market share in the U.S. would witness an expansion by 35.6 billion dollars by the year 2023
  • The global online grocery store market is expected to grow by 24% by the end of 2024
  • eCommerce warehouses are predicted to be entirely automated by the end of the year 2029
Shopping for groceries via online grocery apps come with myriad benefits and is an environmental-friendly option as well. Let’s explore the reasons and take a look at its future prospects too!

Reasons why Online Grocery Store Promotes a Greener and Cleaner Environment

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Reduces Air Pollution
Consumers rarely carpool or pick up friends while paying a visit to the grocery store; they prefer an individual trip instead. And, needless to say, every household requires frequent grocery shopping trips, as often as once or twice in a week resulting in humongous emissions. In this regard, online grocery shopping proves advantageous! Online grocery delivery involves delivering multiple customer orders on a single trip made by a truck/van/bus. This practice reduces greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints, thereby contributing to minimizing air pollution.
Minimizes the Usage of Plastic
These days eco-friendly packaging material is gradually replacing plastic shopping bags. Some online grocery delivery stores send the ordered goods in huge crates that can be emptied into the consumers’ home at the time of doorstep delivery. Some of the stores make use of reusable cloth tote bags that can be returned during the next delivery and some use recyclable/recyclable paper bags that decompose fast without adversely affecting the environment. These practices discourage the usage of cardboard boxes and plastic grocery bags that generate harmful waste and pollute the environment.
Promotes Conservation of Electricity
Proper and effective means of managing/conserving energy is a crucial step towards the sustainability of your business. However, physical stores consume a great deal of power through lighting up stores, maintaining expensive refrigerators, thermostats, and crafting elaborate displays. Nevertheless, eCommerce business models of online grocery delivery apps help entrepreneurs save on electrical energy and reduce electricity bills, thereby promoting a greener environment.
Reduces Shipping Expenses
When consumers opt for online grocery shopping and delivery via grocery apps, the goods are delivered to their doorstep directly from nearby farmers’ markets or warehouses. In this case, goods need not be transported from the warehouse or farm to be stored in sophisticated physical spaces/stores. This saves additional transportation expenses and reduces carbon footprints on account of vehicular emissions; while consumers receive fresher groceries.

The Future of Grocery Delivery Promises Lesser Carbon Footprints

Technological Innovations
Grocery app development is expected to get greener and more tech-friendly in the recent future. But, how? Well, delivering doorstep orders via drones is the next big thing in the realm of technological innovation. The utilization of drones for this purpose means lesser fuel consumption thereby lowering carbon emissions to a great extent. Besides, the usage of vehicles that run on solar power and electricity is also being proposed for reducing carbon emissions.
Environmentally Conscious Purchases
Modern-day consumers are becoming more conscious about the carbon footprints associated with the products they purchase. Hence, individuals search for natural products and prefer brands with minimal carbon impressions over the ones that possess heavier carbon impressions. Such purchases, termed environmentally conscious purchases, bring down the global pollution levels substantially.

Proposed Ways to Reduce GHG emissions from Grocery Delivery in The Coming Years

Avoiding Express Delivery
Express shipping/same-day delivery generates more carbon footprints than standard delivery practices. So, if consumers avoid express shipping options and opt for slower delivery options instead; delivery trucks can optimize their routes and avoid additional trips. Some grocery outlets offer discounts to customers who go for longer delivery windows.
Bulk Ordering/Grocery Pooling
Frequent grocery delivery trips can be avoided if consumers place bulk orders or practice “grocery pooling” – club up their orders with that of neighbours and receive the delivery at the same date and time.
The usage of alternative fuel for grocery delivery
Usage of hydrogen fuel for refrigerating trucks to keep the cargo cool or hydrogen-powered electricity for running delivery trucks are some of the alternative fuels for delivery purpose. As per the standards established by DOT and EPA, trucks need to reduce greenhouse emissions in the years to come and extra standards have also been suggested for the same.

Final Words:

Thus, online grocery shopping not only reduces carbon footprints but also proves beneficial for consumers and entrepreneurs. Planning to architect a future-friendly high-tech grocery ordering/delivery app that will steal the show? Contact Biz4Solutions, a proficient mobile app development agency offering top-notch Grocery Delivery services in India and USA. Our IT outsourcing services have helped numerous businesses around the globe to transform their dream into reality.