How Biz4Solutions is contributing in the fight against COVID-19 by developing healthcare mobile apps?

Healthcare mobile app development
“The pandemic hit the world like a bolt from the blue!”
Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world last year, everything underwent a drastic transformation. Millions of people lost their lives, businesses across several sectors came to a standstill and economies disrupted like never before! During such moments of crises, individuals, as well as organizations, have devised ways for contributing their bit against the pandemic. Myriad technological innovations were being carried out to prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Biz4Solutions, a prominent software firm that excels in Healthcare mobile app development, has crafted several new-age mobile apps for supporting healthcare facilities in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team of skilled professionals is engaged in developing medical apps catering to social awareness, providing information, counseling, etc. We are constantly striving to find new ways for dealing with this crisis using futuristic technology.

How do our Healthcare Mobility Solutions prove beneficial during the COVID-19 crises?

Healthcare mobility solutions

Counselling Apps

Many countries are still following the lockdown guidelines and are encouraging social distancing. Such a situation is likely to cause anxiety and take a toll on an individual’s mental health. Hence, the importance of counseling can’t be underestimated for managing stress. Counseling apps have already helped many people around the globe.

Counselling Apps

Biz4Solutions has built an On-Demand healthcare apps that allows one to book appointments or online sessions with healthcare providers. For example, the Phlex65 app built by us is a practical solution for elderly people for hiring licensed care providers from nearby areas. These care providers assist old people in daily activities like consuming medicines, healthy cooking, bathing, etc. This app empowers care providers as well. We can develop a similar counseling app for clients.

Social Awareness Apps

The pandemic scenario has pushed people into spending most of their time on smartphones and it has been observed that a considerable amount of this time is devoted to gathering information using social media. Social media awareness apps can keep individuals informed about the latest news concerning the current situation. Moreover, if someone needs stuff like groceries, masks, or generic medicines, social awareness apps can be used for obtaining the contact details of nearby stores
Biz4Solutions has crafted many social apps, one of them being Link. It’s a social networking and awareness app. This app enables individuals with similar health interests to connect online, chat with each other as well as create groups. They can share information such as the best doctors nearby, the cheapest medications, health management tips, etc. on this social platform. They can also share images, audio/videos. This app uses the features of geo-location tracking and ‘push notifications’ for providing a rich UX.

Patient-Doctor Communication Apps

A patient-doctor communication app is a blessing for most patients. Such apps allow people with less mobility needing any guidance or medical advice, to instantly contact a doctor via online communication channels without having to pay a visit to the medical facility. Furthermore, patients with COVID-like symptoms requiring online help from doctors can get real-time access to practitioners through these apps. We have created such apps wherein the patient can book the appointment via video conferencing with the healthcare providers, make payments digitally, and then go ahead with the video-calling session. During video conferencing sessions, patients can speak directly to the practitioner and explain the symptoms. Thereafter, the doctor diagnoses the condition and prescribes medication.

Informative Apps

Fake information regarding healthcare being circulated on social media and other communication platforms has become commonplace. Hence the need for genuine apps that provide authentic information from trusted/authorized sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), etc. to resolve the confusion amongst people.
The proficient healthcare app developers at Biz4Solutions have crafted highly secure HIPAA compliant apps for leading hospitals facilities and other medical organizations around the globe. We make sure that all healthcare data is safe and its privacy protocol is maintained. We acquire information from trusted and authentic sources only.

Medical Emergency Response Apps

Biz4Solutions has architected an incredible app that instantly connects patients to their doctors or medical professionals in case of an emergency. During life-threatening conditions, the patients can use this app to get much-needed assistance immediately to save their lives. Such apps provide handy information and reliable emergency alerts to people trapped in critical situations.

Total Management Apps for Practitioners

Several medium and large-sized hospital facilities are witnessing a tough time now. Patients are visiting hospitals in huge numbers and as such, the hospitals are struggling to manage this situation. However, applications like Total Management App and the Practice Management System (PMS) offered at Biz4Solutions, have eased out things!
These apps and systems help medical organizations in many ways. They not only integrate the medical data of the patients but also store it in centralized systems. This data is saved in digital format and can be accessed by the doctors immediately for providing better treatment to patients. The doctors working in different branches of a chain of hospitals can access it as well. This data assists in improved-decision making.
Additionally, it is used for self-automating the appointment-scheduling process. The patients can book appointment slots as per their availability of doctors. A PMS is a comprehensive solution that simplifies many complex hospital functions.

Final Words

Technology has been the greatest weapon in this war against COVID-19. Healthcare software solutions are working wonders to combat this pandemic. As a leading healthcare app development company based in Texas, Biz4Solutions is also trying its best to tackle the new, daunting challenges of modern times with technological innovations.
We leverage the power of technologies like RPA (Robotic Process Automation), IoT, Cloud Solutions, for our healthcare projects. We have extensive experience in providing novel app solutions for the healthcare sector.
If you have an idea for a healthcare app, partner with Biz4solutions, a reliable technology partner!
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