Ultimate Tips on Selecting the Best Mobile App Development Company in India

Offshore Software Development Company in India
It is quite a challenging task to find out the best mobile app development partner when countless ventures are existing in the world today. You may be surprised to know that the number of mobile app development firms present in the US market alone, is more than 7000, as per a report generated by Software World, a leading review portal.
Several entrepreneurs these days also prefer offshoring to India due to lower regulatory costs, quality services, flexibility, a pool of talented and skilled professionals, and favorable government policies. So, amongst numerous top-notch options, hiring the best tech venture becomes a taxing job.
To ease out your decision-making, we have shared some vital tips in this blog. We have highlighted some factors based on which you can find the right mobile app development company in India, that will create the next-gen app for your business and will eventually lead you to a successful journey. Before getting started, let us glimpse at the significant steps to follow for hiring a mobile app development partner.

Steps to Follow for Hiring a Reliable Mobile App Development Partner

  1. Identify your target audience by conducting surveys, browsing online, studying the competitors, deploying certain tools, etc.
  2. Perform thorough research regarding what are the demands and preferences of your target audience, what are the current and future market trends, who are your competitors, etc.
  3. Decide the right platform for you, and accordingly decide the right technology that you want to work on. Also, think about the features that you want in your application. Decide whether you want just a basic MVP version or you want a full-fledged complex app.
  4. Brainstorm on the design aspects of the app. For this, you need to consider factors like the flow of the information, limiting the notifications, eliminating unnecessary elements, and keeping the input fields to the minimum.
  5. You must pro-actively decide the approximate time and budget for your application before approaching the companies.
  6. Think about the monetization strategies to be employed for creating revenue from the app.

Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Mobile App Development Company in India

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Experience and Expertise of the Company
It is essential to look for an experienced app development firm rather than a firm that has little work experience. An experienced firm will be able to develop top-quality mobile applications tailored to your specific requirements. Such a firm will be abreast with the challenges that arise while creating a wide range of complex apps for diverse industrial sectors.
Projects and Portfolio
Ask for the portfolio from the vendor company. The company should usually display the apps developed by them on their website. If their projects aren’t visible on their website, chances are it’s a fraudulent company. In such a scenario, you should directly ask the company for the apps they built and analyze the details like their technical expertise, UI/UX expertise, and their experiences during the development process to cross-check their authority.
Client Reviews and Ratings
Client reviews and ratings can be the most important factors while searching for the right tech partner. A good company will always have positive client reviews to show. So, you should get in touch with their clients as well and ask them details like what approach this company followed, are there any hidden charges, is their team transparent enough, etc. If you get positive reviews for your queries, you can be sure to partner with that company. But if you get negative reviews, you can mark it as a red flag.
Technical Expertise
The mobile app developers in the company you want to partner with should be proficient in working on platforms like iOS or Android or whichever platform you want your app to be developed in. It is always good to pick company that has experience in cross-platform app development. Also, they must be well-equipped with several trending frameworks and related technologies for app development.
UX Capabilities
Application design immensely affects the user experience. A good user experience puts great first impressions on users, ensures better engagement, enhances brand loyalty, boosts sales, and even helps in better Search Engine Optimization.
So, make sure that your mobile app creation partner has highly skilled UX designers who follow a business-centric approach to deliver a UX that improves app performance and optimization.
Code Authority and Security
The vendor company must be ready to sign a copyright agreement with you, to ensure that the code completely belongs to you. Furthermore, the company must readily sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as this ensures that anything that comes under the ‘confidential’ bracket, will not be leaked out in any condition. This will ensure that in the long run, any loss of vital data or related ambiguity will be avoided.
In case the vendor company denies to sign such authoritative documents, understand that something is fishy and do not work with them.
Mobile App Security Measures
It is of paramount importance to secure the applications from threats like insecure storage, data leakages, insecure deployment practices, privacy violation, etc. So, make sure that your partner firm follows a secure app development procedure and takes proactive actions for app protection. The firm should offer a multi-layer security solution to secure the app from issues like malware programs, device, and user authentication, SMS-based attacks, insufficient cryptography, etc.
Project Delivery Deadlines
Ask the app development company about their usual estimations for project delivery. Enquire about their availability on a daily basis/weekly basis and ask them if they are simultaneously working on any other projects. Accordingly, ask them to assign some dedicated resources for your project and see when they will deliver the project. Once the project starts, you can communicate with them on regular basis and follow up accordingly.
Communication Approach
When you hire an offshore software development company in India, sometimes it can become challenging to seamlessly communicate with development teams and get regular project updates, owing to the differences in time zones. So, before your hire the app development company, do enquire about how their team will connect with you, which communication tools will they use, and at what intervals will the meetings be conducted.
Reliable QA and Testing Methodologies
Would you like an app that crashes often, has broken features, or comes with some unresolved bugs? Not at all. So, it is vital to know what testing strategies your tech partner applies, how they beta test the app, and how they ensure a flawless app without any hindrances. Check if their team performs rigorous testing on the device for which the app is created, and how they detect and troubleshoot the discovered bugs if any.
Service Package Models
Some companies offer individual services and some provide packages for their services. Under the ‘individual services’ model, you have the freedom to choose the resources and facilities as per your requirements and accordingly negotiate the app costs. Under the ‘service package’ model, you get many services and need to pay a single cost. So, if you want the partner firm to manage everything from strategizing to app deployment, then go with the second model. If you need some specific services only, the first model is the best alternative.


Hiring a software development company for your project is undoubtedly a huge investment. It has to be done carefully. Besides, you must have a clear idea of your goals, project needs, market trends, etc. beforehand.
Yet, choosing the best suit for your development needs, out of a plethora of mobile development companies present globally, requires time, money, and in-depth research. But if you follow the tips mentioned in this post, the search process would be eased out and you will end up partnering with the right development partner.
These were some of the tips on how to carefully select your mobile app creation partner from India. I hope it was insightful. Do share your views in the comments section.