Escalation of Chatbot in Mobile Application Development

chatbot in mobile app development
Chatbots – A Magical Technology to Automate Business Communication, and Save Time!
With most companies laying their focus on customer engagement, the role of technology has drastically shot up. Customer expectations are all-time high and patience levels are dipping. Customers want immediate responses to their queries/concerns. Owing to increased number of queries from users, customer service teams are unable to fulfil all the requests thereby increasing customer dissatisfaction. But, the technological transformation has resulted in the invention of an intelligent solution to this problem: Chatbots.
We all have interacted with chatbots some or the other time. Chatbots are software programs designed to conduct human-like online interactions using text or audio responses and offer a rich customer experience to the end-users. With users gravitating towards mobile apps, chatbots have started to become a crucial part of mobile app development. Countless chatbot application development services have emerged worldwide for serving various businesses.

Types of Chatbots:

When Facebook integrated bot support into its messenger in 2016, it simply took over the market. Following the footsteps, a plethora of other companies started launching chatbots with the help of mobile app development services. Today, chatbot integration in mobile apps, as well as, websites has become very common. So what type of chatbots are available in the market? If broadly classified, they come in two varieties:
  • AI-based Bots – Learn from the environment and user conversations. These get smarter as they encounter different situations.
  • Fixed Bot – Run on a set of data already fed into the system. They respond only to pre-defined commands and pick from a given set of responses.

Are Chatbots in Mobile Application Development working Well for Companies?

Absolutely. Major companies are banking on chatbots to improve their user engagement. Look at e-commerce giant, Amazon. Amazon has doubled its force in this space. Amazon integrated its voice assistant, Alexa, into its native mobile app. It has also intelligently integrated messaging assistant into its mobile application. The chatbot has been doing wonders for Amazon.
Not just Amazon, but several other companies are placing their bets on chatbots and partnering with chatbot application development companies. At sometime around in late 2016, Bank of America too announced a launch of an AI-based chatbot – Erica. The chatbot was launched with an aim to enhance customer experience and finances. It is in use today as well and is easing out numerous processes in money management.
Gartner, a world leader in IT research, has already predicted that by 2021, more than 50% of enterprises will spend more on chatbots than mobile apps. So, it is evident that Chatbot in mobile application development has already started to be the face of AI.

Why should you consider chatbot integration in your mobile app?

Though chatbots have created success stories for many companies, it is always good to know the fundamentals of why this technology is working so well. Here are a few reasons that are true for chatbot technology:
Simplify Mobile App Experience:
Chatbots cut the human dependency and provide 24/7 customer service. Customers are able to make a faster decision with the help of a chatbot – thanks to multiple choices offered quickly by smart chatbots that are able to learn the customer requirement.
Drive Sales Through Chatbot:
E-commerce giants like Amazon have been able to not just handle customer queries but also able to drive sales with chatbots around.
Application Becomes Highly Responsive:
Mobile app users do not need to wait for hours or even minutes anymore to get a response. Chatbots are quick and highly responsive. You ask a query, and in the shortest time possible, there will be a response.
Chatbot Handles Multiple Requests:
Chatbots will be able to handle multiple requests at a time. This is seen as one of the major advantages that it holds. It is humanly impossible to handle so many requests, but chatbots make it possible. Therefore, they allow cost-savings too.

Need for Chatbot Customization in Mobile Apps:

As mobile apps are becoming one of the best platforms to engage the audience, it makes more sense to integrate a chatbot in the mobile application development process and build a strategy that involves engagement and communication with the customer through the chatbot.
But, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ chatbot. You can get the chatbot customized from a chatbot app development company as per your business requirements. This allows you to choose more apt and interactive responses for your customers, which will address their specific needs.


Advancement in AI development is impacting the chatbot application development process to a great extent. Chatbots are becoming intelligent day-by-day and revolutionizing diverse businesses. Whether the banking sector, social media apps, telecommunication sector, eCommerce apps, or other online services are preferring chatbot automation increasingly. Consequently, the demand for expert chatbot developers and chatbot application development services is sky-rocketing.