Redefining the Event Industry: Top Event App Trends to Watch Out for in 2021!

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The event industry has witnessed immense advancement in the last few years. Besides, since the year 2020, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic, all types of events, big or small, are being carried out virtually. New-age techniques are being utilized to host the events successfully. Owing to this, several innovative event app trends have emerged and are making the events more interactive, engaging, and dynamic.
So, what are these trends? How are these trends impacting the event industry? Why should the event app owners or the event development services keep pace with these trends? In this blog, we are going to look at these trends and related aspects. So, without much ado, let’s begin.

Top Event App Trends for 2021 that Event App Developers and Owners Should Consider!

Event App Trends
Enhancing User Experience
Optimizing the user experience is a MUST. This can be done by ensuring that the app content is highly relevant and engaging. For this, the app should possess content like the schedule of the events, contact information, directions of the events, speaker details/biographies, etc. Also, the user experience can be elevated by ensuring consistent styling throughout the app, using graphics or HD images in the app, etc.
Branding of the Event App
Your event app is the representation of your event business and hence, it should be branded accordingly. Pick the logo, fonts, styles, etc. wisely. Using color palettes that will be visually impactful is also quite essential for the app. Furthermore, all the app elements should be consistent with each other. Lastly, certain guidelines must be followed by every event application development company during its development to meet the standards of the app.
Virtual Technology
Virtual event applications are trending nowadays but, this feature is not yet much compatible with current platforms when it comes to matching with live engagement. There are a few other challenges too, like the untested solutions, no support, no integration, cost concerns, etc. But, these virtual apps are quite beneficial. They can help in expanding the customers, increasing the revenue, tracking vital data, promotional purposes, etc.
Facial Recognition
This is a new and innovative trend that comes with huge potential. It helps a big time in improving registration processes and app security. It streamlines the participation in events and reduces wait timings to some extent. Besides, for physical events, facial recognition in the event applications acts as a check-in tool. It’s a contactless and secure way for event attendees to check in the events.
Inclusion of Polls, Surveys, Reviews, etc.
These features are meant to improve user engagement. These can also be used for fun purposes during the events. It will engage the users and make them feel they are important and their views matter. You can gather real-time insights using the poll answers and live surveys and this data can be used for the enhancement of the app.
The Projection Mapping
Projection mapping technique is becoming quite popular amongst event planners nowadays. Projection mapping or Hologram is used for an in-depth understanding of content and then for higher user engagement. This trend enhances extra dimensions, optical illusions, and 3D movement, etc. Besides this, another technique called table projection mapping can be utilized in events for personalization, branding, story-telling, etc. Also, this technique helps to show pre-recorded presentations to the participants. Speakers from any corner of the world can deliver their presentations while not being physically present at the venue.
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences have been impacting the event industry quite a lot in recent years. AR is used for grabbing the attention of attendees and motivating them to interact within the event. This technology has the ability to enhance the user experience, and result in increased media attention, more engagement, social media shares, etc. VR helps to create a computer-generated 3D world for the app users that makes the app much appealing.
Machine Learning and AI Chatbots.
These advanced technologies have influenced almost every existing industrial sector and the event industry is no exception. AI-powered programs collect the live event data and these programs are based on preferences, activity, behavioral data of the attendees, etc. This is real-time data and can be quickly altered or modified depending on the interest of attendees. AI chatbots can be used for interacting with attendees and answer their queries. Also, both these technologies can help the app owners to conduct multiple sessions, and deliver a powerful experience to the remote attendees.
Live Streaming
The live streaming feature is already being used on a large scale in countless apps. The live streaming events attract a huge number of people in real-time. These are more lively, authentic, and connecting and so, they get a much better response from the users. Using this feature, Q&A sessions can be extended during the live events, there can be group chats, the users can raise a hand, provide feedback, and similar engaging activities can be carried out.
Proximity Marketing with Beacons
While hosting an event, beacons can be placed around the event location for the creation of an interactive network for the online attendees using the event app. These beacons help in several important tasks like attendee tracking, online check-ins, proximity marketing, etc. This technology can also be useful in monitoring the floor plan flow in the events.
A Few More Trends for Optimizing the Adoption of Event Applications
  • Inform the attendees about the event app much earlier for ensuring widespread adoption of the event. This can be done using emails, social media, etc.
  • Use the app for registrations for early promotion of the app.
  • Let the promotion of the app be done by event speakers and other attendees as well. Encourage them to share the app with their contacts.
  • On the event day, introduce the app in various ways and ensure that the attendees use the app for some or the other reason like reviews, polls, or any games, etc.
Final Thoughts
Event professionals and also the event mobile app development companies all across the globe will remember the year 2021 as a transforming year for this industry. Several effective event app trends have emerged during this period benefitting the app owners and the related community. We have enlisted most of these trends in this blog. We hope they will be helpful to you.
Do comment below or drop us a mail and let us know your views about these trends. Also, share with us any other trends in this industry.