A Guide To Know All About Full Stack Developers

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Full-stack developer, frontend developer, and backend developer are some of the words common for any individual involved in software development. However, the case is not same for job seekers and employers. Job seekers end up being confused about the stream they should take up. They keep wondering if they can apply for full stack developer position. Similarly, the employers are in confusion about whom to hire for software and web application development. There is a lot of hue and cry around full stack developers. With this blog, we aim to provide more insight into full stack developers, and educate everyone about it.

What is Front-End and Back-End Development?

Every web application can be broadly differentiated into two parts: front-end and back-end. The front-end is the face of the software that interacts with the user. It includes UX and GUI. The front-end developers mostly work on HTML, Javascript, and CSS3. Front-end developers work on improving the user experience.
The back end includes the database and server. Back-end developers are responsible for the performance of the application. They create the backend using multiple languages like Python, PHP, .Net, Ruby, etc. The backend server act as the base for the front-end development. The addition of new features and new users is managed by the backend developers.

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

While many developers specialize in front-end or backend, there are developers who have knowledge and experience in working on both front end & backend stack. They have extensive knowledge about creating a seamless overlap between the front-end and back-end development. A full-stack developer will have a higher skill set and proficiency in development stacks which is the reason behind their high demand in the market.

Responsibilities of a Full-Stack Developer

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  • Front-end development using CSS, HTML, and Javascript frameworks. They must deliver a highly interactive application that offers a great user experience.
  • Backend development to create a robust architecture capable of interacting with the servers and fetching data.
  • Database and server development, resilient to function with more functionalities and users
  • Establishing cross-platform compatibility to ensure that the application runs smoothly on every compatible device and operating system
  • API development for seamless and robust client-server interaction
  • Implementing all the client requirements for front-end and backend

Why Become A Full-Stack Developer?

As a software developer, one gets multiple streams to grow into. We can choose to be front-end and backend developers. The industry has opportunities for both. However, having expertise in both domains can be more advantageous in terms of growth and remuneration. Being experienced in both the domains can fetch you fatter paychecks since you will be solely responsible for the performance and success of the web application. The second advantage is in terms of opportunities as you will have the chance to work as a front-end developer, back-end developer, and full stack developer. The third advantage is learning. With time, the full stack developers acquire expertise more than any front-end or backend developer of a similar experience. This raises the market value of full-stack developers.

How to Become a Full-Stack Developer?

Acquiring the right skill is the primary requirement for becoming any type of software developer. As a pre-requisite, you should outline the necessary technical skills for any full-stack developer. To start with, here are a few skills that must be on your resume ahead of a job search as a full-stack developer.
  • Front-end development: HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Backend development: Python, PHP, and Ruby
  • API development: REST and SOAP
  • Database creation: JSON, NoSQL, and SQL
  • Knowledge about version control systems such as SVN and Git, and different servers
  • Graphic design and other skills for visual communication
These are some of the basic skills that one can learn to get hired as a full-stack developer. You can pursue part-time and full-time courses to learn these skills. Moreover, there are many online courses designed for the user to learn the skills on their own. The interesting aspect of software development is that the organizations are keen to hire developers based on their skills rather than their certificates. Anyone can start learning and practicing these languages to become a full-stack developer.

Why Should an Organization Hire a Full-Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is equipped with every skill set that one can find with a front-end developer or backend developer. Two different employees for web application development would consume twice for each resource like workstation, internet, air conditioners, conveyance, etc. The companies can save expenditure on all of these with a single employee for application development. Moreover, a full stack developer may develop a better backend architecture and front-end design since they will have visibility about both aspects. In addition to this, a full stack developer will have better expertise in handling front-end and backend overlap since everything would be developed by them. Hiring a full-stack developer is a better deal in every way.

How to Hire the Best Full-Stack Developer?

Every full-stack developer may have a similar skill set with a different level of experience. We generally give an upper hand to more experience. However, full-stack development is about expertise, and developers with lower experience can have higher expertise. Given below are the steps a company can follow to hire the best full-stack developers:
  • Connect with the developers using every channel
  • Today job portals are counted as just one way of hiring the right candidate. Besides the job portals, the organizations can reach out to the developers on different business-related social media platforms such as Linked in, and Freelancer.com. You can explore your social media groups on every platform to find the developers with the desired experience.
  • Conduct face-to-face technical interview
  • A technical interview can act as the passing stage for any developer. The organizations should let the architects and tech leads question the potential candidate about their knowledge and experience. They can be asked questions such as difficulties faced during development, the domain of expertise, and the development approach they would adopt for your project. The speed of development is the important query that can be made.
  • Hire software development companies
  • Many organizations choose to hire external companies for software development as they provide a complete package of application development that includes testing and support. The organizations can connect with different companies with their requirement and budget. The process gets easier in this case as a software development company brings in trust and expertise.


Being a full-stack developer is about being an expert in every aspect of application development. These developers are also good designers who help the companies in providing a higher user experience that directly influences the revenue. Hiring a software development company instead of a developer is also a great idea. You can connect with us for all your software development needs. We are one of the esteemed outsourcing software development companies with years of expertise in different domain. Our front-end and full-stack developers will ensure that you get the most robust and scalable application. Contact us today to build a mobile/web application that lets you stand distinguished in the industry.
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