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Biz4Solutions has been working on development solutions for wearable devices since last three years when the first hint of technologies was sounded in the market. IoT technologies like sensors, controllers, wifi, NFC, beacon etc. have been utilized to provide best IoT solutions in different industries like health care, transportation, water etc. As a result of which, now we are among the best companies for IoT application development.

Wearable Applications

We at Biz4Solutions have always believed in staying ahead of times by immersing ourselves into new technologies and gaining a firm grasp of it, in order to better service our vast clientele. We can help you conceptualize, design and develop apps for the preferred devices.

Our Recent Projects

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AppWeigh, the only Bluetooth enabled scale sensor app for the commercial transport industry. We have developed this app which calculates the load on truck & trailer. Users can configure the weight of the truck & trailer with the help of sensors connected to the vehicle axles. This app generates alerts which helps user to ensure that the weight of vehicle doesn’t exceed beyond the preset limit. It continuously triggers the pressure values from sensor and provides the weight reading through the App.