Cross-Platform App Development

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Our developers at Biz4Solutions have made Cross-Platform Mobile App Development look really simple. Cross-Platform Mobile App Development speeds up the entire development process and gives the mobile application a greater fan base. Since Cross-platform app development makes the mobile app more compatible with every leading device, this can increase your app presence by many.

Our Recent Projects

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We have created an App for individual users to create events and invite other people to those events. Application included ability to create recurring events, event wall for connecting invitees, reminders etc. Application provides ability to manage data using admin panel and uses MySQL for central data storage
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Communication and Interaction App

A powerful mobile and web communications platform that transforms how businesses capture, catalog, collaborate and share digital media content like images, video, audio and documents. An individual who is on-site can stream live video, share photos, text and documents in real time with any number of other people whether they’re across town or distributed around the world. Capture digital media with vMobile’s mobile application installed on your iOS or Android smartphone, iPad or tablet.
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Restaurant App Eatzy

We have created an application that helps restaurants to improve efficiency, save time and reduce errors. The restaurant receives order info and confirms receipt of the order. Application is used to dispatch orders to delivery personnel. Application lets restaurants review current orders and previously processed orders.
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Emergency Response Training

We have created an App which helps building staff and occupants reduce the confusion and calmly follow directions and emergency procedures. App is customized specifically to the user’s building and allows for instant & easily accessible emergency information, anywhere & anytime.
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Estate Planning Solution

We have created a high profile app with 10,000+ installs which is a point of sale tool to allow real estate agents to sell the company’s online estate planning solution to their clientele and other contacts. The app will allow the agents to register the client personal details as well as payment details.