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We Biz4Solutions are the power behind your idea. We will build custom apps that suite your needs. Our ideation team will work with you to envision user-friendly experience that will not just be state of the art but will have that particular wow factor in your Android application which will surpass the expectations of your users. Our deep expertise in Java helps us harness the Android technology to fullest and ensures that the Android application that is built is of the highest quality and performs as per the specifications. The ratio of native android app development is highest in comparison to others.

Our Recent Projects

  • Chef_Vivant_1
  • Chef_Vivant_2
  • Chef_Vivant_3
  • Chef_Vivant_4

Chef Vivant

This app is used by Wine connoisseurs across California and has a consumer base of around 5000 users. This App provides consumers with the ability to expand their wine varietal knowledge base, review over 1,400 wine varietal, primary ingredient combinations and select the “Best” wine varietal for any given recipe
  • Come_Again_1
  • Come_Again_2
  • Come_Again_3


ComeAgain app is launched in well known cafes within Israel and plan to expand in South-east Asia. This application allows users to start filling up their Reward Cards by visiting any participating ComeAgain location and can receive benefits based on them.
  • Beach_Caddy_1
  • Beach_Caddy_2
  • Beach_Caddy_3
  • Beach_Caddy_4


The Beach Caddy app was launched on Memorial Day 2015 and had almost 1000 users registered in first 2 weeks. The solution includes mobile website and a cross platform mobile app. The mobile app allows users to request assistance from beach caddies to help carry items like chairs, umbrellas, and other beach items on to the beach.
  • AppWeigh_1
  • AppWeigh_2
  • AppWeigh_3
  • AppWeigh_4


AppWeigh, the only Bluetooth enabled scale sensor app for the commercial transport industry. We have developed this app which calculates the load on truck & trailer. Users can configure the weight of the truck & trailer with the help of sensors connected to the vehicle axles. This app generates alerts which helps user to ensure that the weight of vehicle doesn’t exceed beyond the preset limit. It continuously triggers the pressure values from sensor and provides the weight reading through the App.
  • interaction_app_1
  • interaction_app_2
  • interaction_app_3

Communication and interaction app

A powerful mobile and web communications platform that transforms how businesses capture, catalog, collaborate and share digital media content like images, video, audio and documents. An individual who is on-site can stream live video, share photos, text and documents in real time with any number of other people whether they’re across town or distributed around the world. Capture digital media with vMobile’s mobile application installed on your iOS or Android smartphone, iPad or tablet.
  • Food_Recipe_App_1
  • Food_Recipe_App_2
  • Food_Recipe_App_3

Food Recipe App

We have created an app that offers chef’s the ability to capture pictures of their dishes as well as connect with their customers. This app offers real time visual enhanced menu. Users can see dishes through diner’s eyes and select best to represent the course. App provides a centralized location where users will upload images of dishes. Chefs/ restaurants have full control for approval over the published content including access to restaurant gallery. Users will have detailed insight into the dish inspirations, allergen notification and offer suggested wine parings.
  • Travel_Buds_1
  • Travel_Buds_2
  • Travel_Buds_3
  • Travel_Buds_4
  • Travel_Buds_5

Travel Buds

We have created an app that lets user find a partner while you are travelling around the world. The app has a matching algorithm that finds travelers having similar plans. The Facebook integration lets user see which travelers are having common friends and interests.
  • Chat_App_1
  • Chat_App_2
  • Chat_App_3
  • Chat_App_4

Chat App

App that allow user to chat in various groups, create their own groups and invite friends to join groups. It allows user to capture and upload photo and send it in groups. User can see his/her Chat history. It allows user to see friends profile as well. User can see list of Chat groups and feeds.
  • Health_care_messaging_app_1
  • Health_care_messaging_app_2
  • Health_care_messaging_app_3
  • Health_care_messaging_app_4

Health care messaging app

This is an instant messaging app that HIPAA compliant and free for basic use. It is designed for doctors and other healthcare providers to have easy and immediate two-way communication with their patients. It works on Apple and Android phones and tablets, and also on PCs and Macs. An assistant can use it too, also for free. This app helps end the huge markups and unnecessary middlemen that throw sand in the gears of healthcare.