Web app development for more customer outreach

We provide responsive web app design and development services focussing on the speed, designing, UI/UX and responsiveness of the web apps. We use the best web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Grails, PHP, jQuery, ASP.Net, etc. combined with best-known tools for testing. Web apps deliver many significant benefits like easy installation, 24/7 availability to viewers, worldwide reach, secured and centralized data, faster updates, easy customization, direct access to latest information, flexible core technologies, etc. We understand the client’s needs and develop modern web frameworks for delivering valuable web apps.

Biz4Solutions is an eminent Web App and Progressive Web App Development Company in Texas. We have a team of 40+ Web App and Progressive Web App developers who build impeccable custom Web apps for the global audience.

We Specialize in the Following:

  • Responsive website layouts
  • Designing personalized website features
  • Designing unique artworks and graphics
  • Creating database driven web applications
  • Building mobile-friendly systems with advanced location integration
  • Developing unique presentations/slide shows and social networking integration
Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps are web-based applications that provide a top-notch user-experience similar to native apps. PWAs are feature-rich, they have fast loading speeds, provide enhanced security to users, provide custom offline pages, automatic updates and offer unparalleled conversion rates and user engagement. So, they are the quick-win solution to engage more users quickly. These apps are very SEO friendly thereby enhancing market reach.

Responsive web design
Responsive website development
Biz4Solutions is a leading mobile and website development services provider company delivering responsive custom web solutions to customers all over the world. We build fastest business web applications using unique custom web design with special focus on the Speed/Designing/UI and responsiveness of the web apps.

Benefits of Web-Based Applications


Easy Accessibility

Web apps are accessible anywhere, anytime through any device in the world, with the availability of the internet. This allows work from home, the formation of global teams and real-time collaboration.


The UI of the web apps is easily customizable compared to the desktop application. The look and feel of the apps can be easily updates as required.

Higher Security

Web apps are deployed on the servers that are monitored by well-experienced server administrators. This leads to higher security as any issues can be noticed quickly.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

The web-based apps aren’t complicated and can be easily installed and maintained. Only the host server needs updating and not individual PCs.


We provide cutting-edge software solutions to global start-ups and mid-sized companies. We build custom web-based apps and software solutions tailored to specific needs of clients. Using agile methodology, we help businesses to mobilize themselves with our technical expertise.

Technology Stack

  • Rails

  • ReactJS

  • Angularjs

  • .Net

  • Ionic

Web App Portfolio

Biz4Solutions has worked in major domains of the market like healthcare, transportation, fitness, on-demand services (Uber & Airbnb), social/dating (WhatsApp, Tinder, Snapchat), e-commerce, e-learning, scheduling, IoT, BLE, etc




A website promoting the YouVOXX social app which is a powerful communication tool providing rich features like chatting, voicemail, call blocking, social media integration, etc.!




The web CMS which lets the admin manage all data of Phlex65 app- a HIPAA compliant app that connects users with caregivers in their area for helping in daily care or emergency needs!



Beach Caddy

The web app used for promotion and data management of the Beach Caddy app; the app for beachgoers through which they can instantly hire caddies to help them carry and arrange stuff!




The website promoting Exut, an e-Commerce app which is a platform for many businesses to display their products for online shopping by the customers!




It is a ReactJS web app, specially designed to take control of your financial future. It enables you to have financial flexibility, total transparency and complete control.

AC group


AC group

A web app specifically designed for the Advanced Construction Group to offer their interior renovation services for industrial commercial contracting projects.