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As an

Android application development company

, Biz4Solutions works as the power behind your idea by creating apps that are customized to your exact needs. Our

android application development services

work towards envisioning an app that encompasses the essence of your idea and provides a product that is user friendly, features state of the art technology and has a wow factor, setting it apart from the others. With experience in working on Java, we are able to build cutting edge Android apps using Android SDK and various APIs that are not only at par with the market standards, but also rank much higher in quality and usability. Our team of

android app developers

knows how to harness the Android technology to the fullest and deliver apps that perform as per the specifications and standards required. As an android application service provider, our products surpass your as well as the user’s expectations!


Promising experience that is above and beyond what Android users are accustomed to, we make sure that all the apps we create conform to industry standards. We create applications that exceed the present standards of user experience and provide the perfect solution to your technological needs.


Our team of Android app developers is also proficient in building apps for tablets to let your software be used on multiple devices, allowing you to comfortably pick your device of choice.

Our Capabilities:

  • Work exclusively on Android SDK – Having experience in working on Android SDK, our team knows and understands the quality and standards required to deliver a state of the art app.
  • Explore best features of latest version of Android – With every new version, the Android software brings forth new features. We know how to harness the power of these advanced features and give a new life to your app by incorporating everything that is new and latest.
  • Knowledge of using Android emulators – With the use of Android emulators, we put in countless hours to prototype, develop and test Android applications before giving them the final yes.
  • Efficient UI for your app – We understand that having an easy to use and efficient user interface is one of the most important things, and thus have mastered the art of developing smooth and seamless apps that are a dream to navigate through.
  • Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 for mobile development by 150+ clients on over 400 projects – Our products are very highly rated by all our clients and we have completed a huge number of successful projects, owing to our vast experience in the field.

What We Offer

  • Social Networking – Our social networking applications provide a reliable and powerful platform to effectively promote your company and deliver a product that has a wide reach, with the support and guidance of our expert team of developers.
  • Business – Our customized and feature rich apps are great to be used by business to meet the various needs faced by the enterprise. We have experience in creating solutions for a number of industries.
  • Healthcare – Our healthcare apps want to revolutionize the way healthcare is administered and work towards remotely treating patients even if they aren’t around you.
  • Sports – Biz4Solutions has created applications for various teams, leagues, news providers and other sports businesses, catering to various sports industries with top-tier mobile solutions.
  • Event – With experience in creating apps for events, we have built solutions for various verticals that help in the easy management of the events and create the perfect solution.
  • On-Demand – Maintaining a balance between your business model and the power that is needed to make that business work, Biz4Solutions has created on-demand apps that take care of all the complex needs of the business.