Customer Success Stories



DiveIn is a social app that helps young people meetup and volunteer at non profit organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. DiveIn’s mobile app helps you to discover and arrange social activities & events.App has multiple roles which allows user to host or to participate in the events. Host can create events and invite friends/guests to participate.The app is integrated with map that helps users to find nearby events, allows one-to-one and group chat between users and host. It also sends reminders to user prior to events, so they don’t miss any events. Auto marks event’s attendees with the help of GPS and accepts feedback/experience of an event. App also generates the report (attendees & feedback) of each event, which help host to analyze the event’s responses.


TravelBuds was founded in Perth, Australia, in the spring of 2015. TravelBuds vision is to leave the old ways of traveling behind and welcome a new way of exploring and connecting people around the world. TravelBuds app is committed to taking your travels to the next level by helping you find buddies with similar travel plans & buddies from your nearby location thus offering everyone the chance to have a richer, more colorful, fun & memorable experience while traveling.


Nightix displays events in the nightclub near them. It syncs with the user’s geo-Location and gets nearby events data. Users can search events according to their preferences. Various search parameters are provided such as distance from the user’s location, event name, venue name, tickets’ cost etc. They can view all events in a list view or on the map.Users can view event details, route and driving directions from user’s location to event location; view and compare ticket prices. The user can purchase tickets for the selected event. While purchasing tickets, users can select a delivery method suitable to them. All these features are implemented using SSLs. Nightix has been integrated with PushWoosh for push notifications. The user gets a notification if the artist liked by the user on Facebook is performing at a nearby nightclub. Nightix also allows the user to share what he is up to on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.