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Management System

Customer Profile

A Texas-based dental practice wanted to develop a secure mobile and web-based healthcare solution to modify their traditional healthcare practices and automate several routine tasks like managing the medical data, appointments, schedules of practitioners, etc.


How to efficiently manage various routine operations? How to automate the appointment management process, improve communication with patients and save the medical records securely in digital format?


Our Healthcare Management System (HMS) has helped our client to manage the patients’ appointments, schedules of practitioners and other clinical operations. The accurate healthcare data saved the vital time of practitioners and they could utilize it to cater to more patients. Ultimately, this enhanced the patient experience, improved the productivity and efficiency of work.

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Client’s Need

The client’s goal was to have a safe and scalable healthcare practice management solution and easy-to-use patient portal. They expected a system that would be useful in managing the day-to-day operations and saving the Electronic Health Records (EHR). They wanted to renew their clinical processes with HIPAA-compliant solutions for the security of medical data and to improve the overall patient experience.


Have a look at some of our sample screens of this HMS project.

Technology has revolutionized the healthcare sector completely. Our Healthcare Management System (HMS) is a comprehensive solution to various challenges faced by the client’s dental practice. The HMS integrates the medical data of the patients into the in-built Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and makes the functioning paperless. The sensitive medical data remains safe and secure as the system is HIPAA compliant. List of all the practitioners can be saved in the system and they can check their appointments or schedule new ones. They can add their details (appointments, diagnostic notes, prescriptions, monthly schedules) and if needed, they can call the patients using this system. They can review the schedules of other practitioners as well.


  • Manual appointment scheduling consumed the important time of the staff and practitioners.
  • Manual calling to patients resulted in mismanagement in case of rescheduling/canceling of appointments.
  • If medical reports, prescriptions, etc. got misplaced or forgotten by the patients, affected the quality of treatment due to missing data.
  • There wasn’t a proper platform for communicating with patients, if needed.
  • Practitioners had to search for paper records to access the health information of their patients; it was time-consuming.
  • Saving of administrative details of staff and practitioners were done manually. It was time-consuming and prone to errors.


Biz4Solutions has developed a Healthcare Management System (HMS) for a dental practice which has helped them manage their clinical operations more effectively. It works as a patient scheduler system for booking the appointments conveniently. It saves the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) safely so that the patients need not worry about carrying the medical reports, prescriptions, etc. to the clinic every time. Practitioners can also provide e-prescriptions to the patients in case of an emergency. Using HMS resulted in increased patient satisfaction. Searching health records of patients became much easier. The documentation errors were also reduced. There was better control over the administrative operations of the practice. Eventually, it resulted in improved patient engagement while saving time and efforts of the staff. It helped in increasing profitability and improving the reputation of the practice.


Native iOS app
using Swift

Native android
app using Java




  • Online scheduling of patient appointments by the staff or practitioners
  • Saving appointment details and medical history of the patients on a single system.
  • Creating and editing the profile of the practitioners
  • Automatically sending reminders about the daily appointments, events, etc. to the practitioners
  • Adding any notes, events, appointments or interests in the schedule by the practitioners
  • Rescheduling/canceling of the appointments
  • Checking the weekly/monthly calendar of self or other practitioners
  • Calling and communicating with the patients

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