Cross-Platform (Hybrid) App Development

As a very cost-effective solution for companies,

cross-platform mobile app development

lets you create applications that are compatible on multiple platforms, even though they share the same codebase for the most part. This lets customers have apps that run across platforms, without the time, money and energy spent on coding for each of them individually. Eliminating the need for that, cross-platform mobile app works on all operating systems by using almost 90% of the same code base. Biz4Solutions understands the idea of “code once, use anywhere” that was first introduced with Java and is now augmented via JavaScript Ionic, Titamium etc and HTML. Our company endorses

cross-platform app development

& also has ability to reach larger audience.

Technologies :

As a leading hybrid app development company, we are accustomed to using several technologies for Cross-Platform Development, such as:

  • PhoneGap/ Cordova
  • HTML5
  • Ionic Framework
  • Sencha Touch
  • Apache Cordova Plugin

We work on:

Our expertise lies in the selection of the correct mobile development platform and then building a solution that meets all the requirements.

  • Architecture and design.
  • Development of cross-platform mobile applications by using frameworks such as Sencha Touch, Ionic, Xamarin, jQuery Mobile and Apache Cordova.
  • Converting native applications to cross-platform applications.
  • Converting mobile websites into native mobile applications using Apache Cordova, and we are also one of the leading providers of this solution.
  • Apache Cordova Plugin