What are the Key factors a Startup should Focus on While Developing a Mobile App?

What are the Key factors a Startup should Focus on While Developing a Mobile App?
mobile app development
You are a start-up planning to invest in mobile app development and have envisaged a superb app idea as well. Sounds great! Nevertheless, the mobile app development cost is humongous and the market is highly competitive. So, it’s important to validate your app idea completely before you proceed to develop a fully functional application. So during the mobile app planning process, there are certain questions that businesses need to survey with the users to get the interest about the app idea like as below:
  • Do users need your app?
  • Does your app provide a solution to prevalent issues?
  • If so, is there an urgent requirement for the solution your app offers?
  • If yes, then is your solution unique enough to gain recognition?
After getting the positive response for the survey, the next step is hiring the required skills to execute your project. For this, you need to pick the right set of mobile app developers or a reliable mobile app development company to build a robust, interactive, and feature-rich app that conveys your brand’s perception. However, architecting apps involve several challenges and this is more so in the case of start-ups. Therefore, I have penned down the key factors that start-ups need to focus on while developing mobile applications for a business
But, before we move ahead, check out the probable app development mistakes that start-ups tend to commit.
Commonest App development Mistakes to avoid
  • If the wrong audience is targeted for designing the app; the app won’t get the success that is desired no matter how outstanding it is.
  • An app should impart a similar look, feel and exhibit consistent behavior across different operating systems. But, this aspect is often forgotten.
  • Start-ups often integrate too many features in an app leading to heavy battery drainage of the users’ smartphones; resulting in app uninstalls.
  • In a bid to make the front-end of an app attractive; beginners tend to ignore the importance of creating a robust back-end which slows down the app’s interface.

What Should a Startup Focus on while building a Mobile App?

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Thorough market Research
Conduct exhaustive market research and examine customer reviews on social media to identify the following aspects:
  • The on-going trends and consumer requirements
  • Who your competitors are, their strategies along with success rate, and their strengths and shortcomings.
  • The unique selling point of popular applications.
  • Existing issues and gaps that need to be resolved.
After thorough research, you will come to know the market demand; gaps that your app can fill up; pain areas encountered by users; and mistakes committed by your competitors. Now, it becomes easy to define the app’s objective and figure out what features you need to integrate into your application for making it a bestseller. Remember not to repeat your competitors’ mistakes and ensure that you offer fresh and complete solutions. This will make your app stand out amidst the crowd.
Defining the app’s Purpose
Defining your app’s specific purpose via a confident elevator pitch is crucial for achieving success.
  • Decide on the business goals you are headed to achieve through the app. This way you will be able to communicate your mission very easily in just a few sentences to the potential investors or the mobile app development services you plan to hire.
  • Who your competitors are, their strategies along with success rate, and their strengths and shortcomings.
Establishing Brand Identity and USP
Create a digital brand identity and ensure that it is maintained throughout the app you create. The next important move that will help you to establish your digital footprints and fetch a notable position amongst the leading brand names is adopting a USP. USP or “unique selling proposition” refers to the marketing strategy of informing consumers about that unique advantage offered by a firm, service, brand or product; that makes it superior to its competitors. So, consider this feature to highlight the customer-centric product benefits.
App Monetization
Monetizing your app will expedite revenue generation and fetch you unprecedented profits. Check out the most trending app monetization business models.
  • In-app purchases
  • Sponsorships and in-app advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • Paid applications
  • Apps that are free to download but a purchase needs to be made to access specific features.
It is advisable to choose the monetization model depending on your business objective
User-oriented Design
The way you design an app is a key factor that decides its fate. Here are the best design standards.
  • Focus on making the app design responsive asthe app would run on different devices of varying sized screens.
  • Do not clutter your design with too much unnecessary information.
  • Keep it simple as heavy designs consume a lot of device space and use up more data.
  • The user interface must be simple and easy to use so that users can effortlessly navigate through your app.
  • Follow the standards set by Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google Material Design.
Other Noteworthy Factors
  • Consider factors like revenue, market share, and target audiences while finalizing the platforms and OS so that it harmonizes with your business goals.
  • Providing offline access to some of the features of an app is the current trend and user expectation. This keeps users connected to your app even during lack of connectivity.
  • While hiring a Mobile App Development Company; carefully examine their portfolio, work experience, past projects, proficiency, technology stacks used, etc. Also, ensure that the firm provides maintenance support post-deployment.
  • The user interface must be simple and easy to use so that users can effortlessly navigate through your app.
  • Keep updating your application with new features to keep up with changing times.
I hope the aforesaid tips will enable start-ups to choose the right path as they commence their journey to develop a mobile app.
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Crucial Mobile Application Statistics that every Business must know!

Crucial Mobile Application Statistics that every Business must know!
mobile application statistics
Food for thought:
How much time is spent on smartphone apps each day?
What is the amount of revenue generated by smartphone applications per year?
What is the future prediction for mobile app usage?
The answers to the aforesaid questions will guide entrepreneurs who intend to develop a mobile app for business promotion. For this reason, I have listed down the most vital mobile app industry statistics and trends until 2021. Reading this article will provide businesses clear visibility of user behavior. This will help them to ensure that their mobile app aligns with the current trends and expectations of their target audience.

Important Mobile App Industry Statistics and Trends until 2021

Mobile App Industry Statistics
Take a look at the mobile app statistics and trends of 2020 based on the following parameters.
  1. Smartphone Usage
  2. Number of Smartphone Users (Statista):
    2020 witnessed 6.95 billion smartphone users across the globe. This number is predicted to shoot up to 7.1 billion in 2021 and reach 7.41 billion by the year 2024.
    Average time spent on Mobiles (App Annie)
    The average time spent on smartphones daily was 3.40 hours in 2019 which is 35% higher than the average hours recorded in 2017. This means mobile users spent 25% of their active hours on smartphones.
    Organic Search Engine Visits (Statista)
    As of 2020, 56% of the organic search engine visits in the US came from smartphone devices.
    Smartphone: The most preferred medium for internet usage Statista
    The total number of active internet users was 4.66 Billion in October 2020, which accounted for 59% of the world population. Interestingly, the number of mobile internet users comprised 91% of the total digital population.
    Inference: With the growing number of mobile internet users, it is advisable to make your brand accessible in the mobile space as well. Remember, new-age users, conduct their research first on their smartphones before using a tablet, desktop, or laptop.
  3. Smartphone App Usage
  4. By 2025, the total expenditure on mobile apps by consumers around the world is expected around85 Billion USD.
    Rising popularity of mobile apps eMarketer
    mobile app industry statistics
    Smartphone users are spending lesser time on mobile browsers and more time on apps and this gap have been widening with time. As in 2020, users spent more than 90% of their mobile time in apps. (Out of 4.1 hours spent on smartphones; 3.35 hours were spent on apps and only 0.25 hours were spent on browsers).
    Inference: App creators need to adopt a mobile-first strategy. It is important to optimize websites for mobiles and build responsive and custom apps.
  5. Mobile App User Experience
  6. Speed matters:
    59% of consumers prefer making purchases from brands that provide quick services. Refer to guide for more details.
    App usage frequency: Social Media Today
    Users on average have 80 apps installed on their smartphones but use only 9 apps daily and 30 apps per month.
    Reasons for app Uninstall: Clevertap
    Why do users uninstall an app? Check out the reasons along with the percentage of uninstalls.
    • App not in use for a long time: 39.9%
    • Limited storage: 18.7%
    • Too many Advertisements: 16.2%
    • Unwanted notifications: 12.6%
    • Confusing: 5.4%
    • Technical hiccups: 5.4%
    • Others: 1.6%
    Inference: Most users uninstall an app because of not using it for a long time and an app is less frequently used due to waning interest. Therefore, developing an app is just not enough to retain customers. App owners must continually upgrade their app with the latest features and innovative functions to cope up with changing times and keep users engaged. Additionally, smart strategies should be devised to make your app a part of the users’ daily smartphone activity. Moreover, to ensure speedy online purchasing, eCommerce apps must be easy to operate without too many complicated steps.
  7. Revenue Gneration
  8. Revenue via in-app advertising and paid downloads: Statista
    As per a report published in Feb4, 2021, the mobile app revenue generated globally through in-app advertising and paid app downloads was 365.2 Billion USD in the year 2018. This figure rose to 581.9 Billion USD in 2020 and is expected to cross 935 Billion USD by 2023.
    Inference: Possessing a paid app may sound daunting, but fetches you revenue if your brand satisfies customer expectations.
    Ad Space Investment App Annie
    The amount invested in mobile app ad spaces was 240 Billion USD in 2020 which is a 26% spike as compared to the previous year.
    Several free mobile applications generate revenue for their brand via selling ad spaces. This strategy also benefits businesses without a mobile app. How? Brands without apps buy ad spaces offered by the popular free apps to establish their digital presence.
    Inference: Buying and selling ad spaces is a smart business strategy indeed!
  9. Mobile App Popularity
  10. Most popular apps Mindsea
    The most frequently used apps happen to be social media applications as they account for 69% of the total app usage; followed by messaging applications.
    Android vs iOS: statcounter
    Android OS accounts for 75.47% of the global market share while iOS accounts for 22.71%.
    Inference: Contemporary users love social networking and app owners must consider integrating features that enable users to connect with people and be a part of communities. However, although Android has a greater market share than iOS, one should choose the OS based on the app’s objective and target audience.

Final Words

So, before you hire mobile app developers to transform your app idea into reality, consider the aforesaid mobile application statistics and trends to choose the right strategy.
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