Noteworthy On-demand Service apps of 2021!

Noteworthy On-demand Service apps of 2021!
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Modern individuals are busier than ever and hence prefer on-demand services for accomplishing their daily activities and tasks. Furthermore, they expect a super-fast response to their service requests and doorstep delivery of products/services. For this reason, on-demand service apps are garnering traction amongst the masses since the last decade. The on-demand platforms offer a wide range of services starting from utility to entertainment, via mobile apps, and most importantly, the users can avail of those services without having to step out from the comfort of their homes or offices. Moreover, such apps can be downloaded for free or in exchange for a minimal price. So, what else can a tech-savvy new-era individual ask for?
If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and planning to tailor a user-centric on-demand app, take a look at some of the success stories of the on-demand business model. A quick read will provide you with an idea about how this approach functions.

On-demand Service Apps: In a Nutshell

The on-demand service model instantly connects consumers with a huge pool of service providers. Such platforms are usually built as a mobile/web application and their operations are managed via the admin dashboard which enables app owners to keep a watch on every ongoing/completed transaction. Click here to gain further insights about on-demand apps and some innovative on-demand app ideas.

Noteworthy on-demand Service Apps: 2021

On-Demand Service Apps
Category: Healthcare
Doctor-on-demand: Healthcare Services
This US-based telemedicine firm enables patients to schedule appointments with the practitioners of their choice and avail of online doctor consultation facilities from any place, at any time. Users can arrange for scheduled doctor visits with licensed medical service providers across the US. Health systems, health plans, and retail clinics are also covered under this platform. These services maintain high clinical standards while elevating the convenience quotient of patients and saving their time as well as money.
My Medicash App
This user-friendly on-demand service app has garnered immense attention in the medical industry currently. The users can quickly make an insurance claim request with a few taps on their smartphones. Users can get connected with a qualified specialist and can discuss about insurance claims and the other health plans in a quick conversation. This app isn’t entirely budget-friendly as it charges users for every visit but offers a good value for money for sure owing to its prompt and high-end services.
Category: Self Care
Soothe: Massage Services
Soothe is a California-based multi-national massage service provider. With this on-demand massage app, booking an appointment with a massage therapist is just a finger click away! Soothe connects users with top-notch, certified, and licensed personal care service providers and masseuses. These professionals get their own massage kit including oil, table, linen, music system, etc. The therapists provide services like stress relief, couple massage, etc. at the users’ desired location – home, hotel, or office. Also, it offers different types of massages that users can choose from.
Glamsquad: Beauty Services
This New York-based app was established by Victoria Elsner in 2014. This happens to be one of the most noteworthy beauty services providing platforms and operates through various cities in the U.S.A. This modern-era omnichannel beauty brand offers services like make-up, hairstyling, nail beautifying services, and many more. Users can search and book beauty services as per their preferences and once the booking is done, professionals visit the users’ site for providing their services.
The platform has handpicked trustworthy and proficient beauty practitioners for offering consistent and quality-driven services to consumers. Intelligent, data-driven technology is employed for matching the professionals to the clients based on the customer requirements. This way, Glamsquad delivers an enriching and personalized in-house experience to customers.
Category: Home Services
This on-demand handyman service company connects users with cleaners, movers, handymen, and furniture makers. This app is extremely helpful for the ones looking for assistance concerning household chores like packing/moving, cleaning, assembling/installing furniture, etc.
The users need to book an appointment with a handyman and provide the personnel with cleaning tools and equipment. The app allows the user to make calls to the same personnel for executing similar tasks.
This on-demand service app provides household services like house cleaning, repair, and maintenance of stuff, etc. to registered users. Users can hire services from nearby locations and once the desired task is completed, they can tally with the to-do list provided within the app itself. The quality of the services provided is top-class and secure. And, amongst several payment options, the option of cashless transactions is also included.
Category: Cleaning Services
Rinse: Laundry Services
This app offers laundry services – Users are required to schedule their laundry pick-up – mention a time and date. The laundry professionals clean the clothing as per the kind of services chosen by the user and deliver back the laundry to the users’ desired location within the given time. Rinse provides the facility of “smart scheduling” to simplify things for consumers and add to their convenience. Besides, customized cleaning preferences are taken care of. The platform ensures that the cleaning standards are above average and offers several convenient payment options including cashless transactions.
Wype: Car Washing Services
This Los Angeles-based on-demand car cleaning service offers eco-friendly solutions. It offers on-the-go cleaning services for customers and enables users to book such services at affordable rates.
Category: Pet Care Services
This is a popular app offering daycare services for pets and provides house-sitting pet care services as well. Rover helps users to relieve stress by minimizing action items concerning different pet care activities like dog walking, drop-in visits, doggy daycare, pet boarding, etc. Pet owners can register on this platform for finding/booking sitters. Rover is known for more efficiency and speedier processing of requests as compared to other similar apps. Other notable offerings include faster responses through push notifications, round-the-clock customer support facilities, and secured and hassle-free payment options.
This app helps dog owners in finding dog sitters. The app connects registered users with dog lovers who would like to take care of dogs for a particular timespan and engage in fun activities like sitting, playing, walking, etc. Wag offers GPS tracking so that the owners can track all the outdoor activities with their pets.

Other Notable Categories

Fiverr: Digital Freelance Services Marketplace
This platform is an online marketplace offering digital on-demand freelance services. With Fiverr, entrepreneurs get instant access to a huge pool of talented remote freelancers. And, whether one needs a host of services, long-term services, or just an expert service for one specific business task; Fiverr happens to be the one-stop solution.
Fiverr is equally beneficial for service-providing professionals. Here, the users can invest in their creativity and innovativeness for generating income and can also utilize this platform for adding to their experience. It is an ideal platform for showcasing one’s skills/talents concerning writing, editing, translation, technology, photography, etc.
The major offerings include the facilities of streamlined search, discovering new talents, and formation of inter-global partnerships; round-the-clock communication between the sellers and buyers, and the availability of push notifications.
Drizly: Alcohol Delivery
If you would like to get your favorite wine, beer, or liquor delivered to your footstep, Drizly is the app for you! It offers a wide selection of drinks and whether it’s a large-scale delivery or just a few bottles of drink you can avail of the services. Individuals using this app enjoy the option of selecting from their preferred store after comparing the prices. Moreover, users placing instant orders can choose from pre-arranged sets of booze paired with a host of other party dishes like pizza, based on different occasions. Furthermore, the order is delivered within one hour from the time of booking. Drizly is available for both iOS and Android users and has acquired over 500,000 installs.
This app was launched in the year 2012 and currently operates across 100+ cities in Canada and U.S.A.
Blacklane: Chauffeur Services
This app is the brainchild of Berlin-based start-ups Frank Steuer and Jens Wohltorf and offers chauffeur services to its users. Users are connected to professional chauffeurs and can book as per their preference. Thereafter, the concerned chauffeur picks the user from their location and drops them at the desired location. The riders can even give instructions to the driver on how to reach the destination. This app came into being in 2011, and today, its services can be availed by 300+cities, 60+countries, as well as 600+ airports across the globe.
Bloom That: Gift Services
This on-demand service app allows users to send surprise gifts or flowers to someone for expressing love, gratitude, congratulating, or wishing success, etc. The app offers an easy-going and intuitive interface to add to the convenience of users. Users can pick from a wide variety of seasonal gift items, choose the date, time, and shipping address while ordering gifts. Once ordered the progress of delivery can be tracked through the app.
Bloom That comes with certain distinct offerings. It enables seamless merging with the calendar of the users’ smartphones, records and sends reminders to users on special occasions, and provides exclusive benefits and offers for app users.

Bottom line:

Today, most individuals resort to on-demand home services apps for making their lives easier. Therefore, this is a golden opportunity for business owners to make the most of this demand by tailoring a user-centric utility app. The success of the aforesaid apps speaks volumes of the potential of such on-demand apps.
So, it’s high time to rope in an experienced and adept On Demand app development company, for architecting your dream app. If you have a phenomenal on-demand app idea, reach out to Biz4Solutions, a prominent On Demand app development company, with 10+ years of experience in serving global clients. Our team of skilled professionals will transform your dream into a fully functional and highly performant app.
We have a track record of crafting some noteworthy on-demand apps like Beach Caddy, Exut, Phlex65, etc.

Game-changing On-Demand App Ideas for 2021!

Game-changing On-Demand App Ideas for 2021!
On-demand app development Company
Modern-era consumers demand high-end products/services instantly! They are constantly on the lookout for easy-to-use, speedy, and convenient mobile app solutions. And, on-demand apps perfectly complement this customer requirement.
So, what are on-demand apps? Well, on-demand apps refer to mobile/web solutions using which customers can avail of real-time services or purchase products. These solutions are either a marketplace/platform that enables various businesses to publish their offerings or a dedicated app developed by a single business enterprise/brand for boosting their revenue generation.
Several businesses and aggregators have embarked to explore the potential of the on-demand economy, resulting in a highly competitive market. Therefore, your on-demand app idea needs to be novel and unique. This post enlists the popular on-demand app ideas and provides insights into some fresh new ideas that can be employed for your next on-demand app creation project.

Trending On-Demand App Ideas with Noteworthy Examples

On-demand app development services
Healthcare Services
Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are reluctant to visit hospitals or pharmacies to avoid crowded spaces and waiting in long queues. However, on-demand mobile apps have brought these services to their doorsteps and people have embraced this new concept wholeheartedly.
There are several categories of Healthcare on-demand apps each catering to a specific sub-domain of the healthcare sector. The services offered by healthcare apps include online doctor consultation, maintaining a fitness regime, obtaining information related to common diseases, hiring professional nurses, collection of laboratory test samples from residence, acquiring doorstep deliveries of medicines, etc.
Doctor-on-demand/Telemedicine apps
Such apps come with features such as online appointment scheduling, secured/encrypted messaging, video calling, ePrescriptions, EMR/EHR integration, and online payment gateways. These apps allow users to avail 24X7 online doctor-consultation services for obtaining basic diagnosis and guidance and most importantly, such services can be accessed using smartphones, from any location.
Noteworthy examples: PlushCare, TelaDoc, and Lemonaid.
Medicine Delivery
On-demand medicine delivery apps prove highly beneficial to patients who require purchasing or refilling of medicines and obtaining other medical products such as testing kits, asthma pumps, medicinal cannabis products, etc. Users upload their prescription and then the pharmacy owner checks the availability of the desired medicines and provides doorstep delivery.
Noteworthy examples: PharmEasy.
Grocery/Food Delivery
The consumers’ lifestyle, as well as shopping behaviour, underwent a drastic transformation over the past couple of years. Today, consumers prefer online ordering and home delivery of restaurant food, groceries, utilities, and most other products needed in their day-to-day lives.
Grocery delivery apps connect consumers with grocery vendors, local stores, and supermarkets. Such apps not only prove convenient to the users but also help businesses to accelerate sales and expand their customer base.
Noteworthy examples: Beelivery, Walmart Grocery, Peapod, FreshDirect, Instacart, and Big Basket.
With an online food delivery app, food-loving consumers enjoy the advantage of choosing from countless varieties of cuisines. Providers, too, can reach out to more customers.
Noteworthy examples: UberEats, Grubhub, Zomato, Postmates, and DoorDash.

Travel and Transportation Services

Vehicle Booking/Renting Apps
Apps that allow users to book cabs, bus tickets, car rentals, shared rides, e-scooters, and e-bicycles are in vogue these days. Many of these apps come with engaging features that include a GPS navigator for live tracking, a real-time traffic checking facility, etc. and some of them even do not charge any additional fee for rescheduling/cancellation of rides.
Noteworthy examples: Careem, Uber, Lyft, BlaBla Car, and Via.
Trucking and Delivery Apps
This On-Demand category offers services like all-in-one trucking, livestock transportation, dump truck functioning/delivery, airline transport, healthcare-sector transportation, marine shipping, etc.
Noteworthy examples: FreightBro, Uber Freight, GoShare, Convoy, BlackBuck, and Transfix (U.S.A.).
Fuel Delivery
Individuals traveling to other cities in their own vehicles often encounter the challenge of running out of fuel in the middle of their journey. And, things get more complicated if they are not aware of how far the nearest available gas station is from their current location. In such situations, an on-demand fuel delivery app would be a huge sigh of relief.
Such an app allows users to obtain fuel delivery regardless of their location. For accessing fuel delivery services, users need to execute the following steps:
  • Download the application
  • Register themselves in the app
  • Grant location-related permissions
  • Book fuel service
  • Enter the location whenever services are needed at a different location
Once, all the aforesaid prerequisites are fulfilled, a fuel truck will reach your current location and fill your vehicle with fuel while adhering to all safety standards.
Noteworthy examples: Cafu, Booster, and Filld.
Entertainment/Video Streaming Service
The whopping success of Netflix clearly indicates the current trend of ditching TV broadcasts and resorting to on-demand service apps for entertainment. On-demand video streaming apps enables one to watch movies, entertainment series, as well as live concerts/shows happening at any corner of the globe, irrespective of the time and location of viewers. Such apps charge a yearly/monthly subscription from viewers.
Noteworthy examples: Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube Red, and Hulu.
Vehicle Repair
Modern individuals prefer to travel around countries in their own vehicles and frequently encounter car-related issues at locations where no garage or repair services are available. An on-demand car repair/mechanics app can easily resolve this inconvenience by successfully bridging the gap between the car owner and the mechanics. It’s high time businesses should capitalize on this demand by targeting the traveler community. Your app is bound to hit success if you add distinct functionalities for attracting the targeted audience, make your services available in remote areas, and ensure that you rope in skilled mechanics.
Plumbing Services
Plumbing issues are commonplace in every household but the procedure to get a professional plumber is a hassle-prone and time-consuming process. This is because hiring plumbers involve lengthy processes of paper invoices and then making several calls to the plumber for obtaining prompt services. An on-demand plumbing app addresses this issue effectively as the app owners build a network, connecting plumbers to the people who need plumbing services. The app users can effortlessly identify the desirable plumber as well as schedule an in-person visit for fixing the problem.
Apps belonging to this niche are fewer in comparison to other domains. So, architecting a plumbing app will provide you a competitive edge, and more so if you integrate additional novel features like calculating information about water flow/pipes, reviewing various systems to ensure more productive and accurate outcomes.
Tutoring and Training Services
Online teaching-learning and on-demand training sessions via mobile apps have gained momentum lately and this trend is to stay in the coming years as well. The services that can be provided under this on-demand app category are online educational coaching for school/college/university students, grooming for competitive exams, corporate training, and many more.
Tour/Travel Guide
Travel restrictions add to the difficulties of visiting tourists. Hence, an on-demand app providing travel guidance would be a breather. These apps provide an entire travel plan to users including an online route guide for getting to the location or a specific site, hotel and sightseeing recommendations, and food joint suggestions.
Freelance Services
On-demand freelance service apps help businesses and entrepreneurs to easily find the desired professional – programmer, writer, designer, marketer, etc. – for executing short-term/long-term tasks.
Noteworthy examples: AceBy, Task Rabbit, Upwork, and Fiverr.
Other Notable Services
Other notable services offered by the on-demand app development market are as follows:
  • Housekeeping services: in-house cleaning, lawn mowing, and snow removal
  • Beautician/salon services from the comfort of one’s home
  • Alcohol delivery, flower delivery, and courier delivery
  • Fitness and workout
  • Dog walking, pet care, baby-sitting, and laundry

Bottom Line

The market demand for on-demand applications is picking up at a fast pace. Hence, it’s a golden opportunity for businesses to capitalize on this demand by crafting an outstanding and distinct on-demand app. Biz4Solutions, a highly experienced software firm providing top-grade on-demand app development services to global clients, will help you in your app development journey.