Top Reasons to Consider the Multi-event App Strategy for managing Organizational Events!

Top Reasons to Consider the Multi-event App Strategy for managing Organizational Events!
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Event apps were launched as a lucrative option for capitalizing on the ever-increasing dependence on smartphone apps, replacing paper event guides, and providing an environment-friendly replacement over conventional event materials. These applications have evolved with time and today, enterprise-branded multi-event apps have become an integral part of a company’s event-planning and event management strategy.
Multi-Event App solutions are gradually replacing the erstwhile single event app. The reason is obvious! Single event apps cannot be reused for future events and need to be unpublished after the event gets over. Multi-event solutions, on the other hand, enable organizers to house multiple events within a single centralized app. Therefore, it’s advisable to use such an app, if you have several enterprise events like corporate meetings, association events, etc. lined up throughout the year. All you need to do is hire proficient Event App Development Company for architecting a multi-event app container, customized as per your requirement.
This post speaks about the reasons to incorporate a multi-event app for your organization. Take a sneak peek into the myriad advantages of adopting a multi-event app strategy!

Reasons to Adopt a Multi-event App Strategy

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A Centralized Platform for launching Diverse Events
A multi-event mobile app works wonders in centralizing your enterprise’s event communication, thereby enabling you to effectively organize your portfolio as well as your company’s communication strategy. With a multi-event app, you no longer need to bear the hassles of promoting or launching standalone apps with separate names, content, and instructions. Instead, you enjoy the convenience of launching a one-in-all event app for all organizational events; whether it’s a board meeting, employee on-boarding, a sales kick-off meeting, or a Halloween party.
Trouble-free Event Management
Initially, it might be a difficult task to get attendees to download the event app. But, after a single download, all events will be available to the authorized users with a single click. Now, your employees won’t be able to make any excuse for not being able to attend or arrive at any meeting/conference without viewing the relevant documents.
Ease of Consolidating Events
Multi-event container apps, once published, can be populated with new events without the need to wait for getting approval from the app marketplaces. Therefore, companies need not bear the hassles of promoting a new app every year. All they have to do is add new events to their container app that can be instantly accessed by attendees. The attendees need to just create their profile once, and then use it for participating in all events across the multi-event container.
Easily Configurable as per the Requirement
In multi-event apps, you can configure the app as per your need. While you can impart a similar look for multiple events, you can make them look different as well. In other words, each enterprise event can be decked up with creative ideas so that they look distinct; instead of maintaining the same configuration for all events. Individual events can not only be imparted different kinds of brandings, features, and content; but also can cater to different sets of attendees.
Maintain Privacy of Events
Certain organizational events need some kind of privacy; such that all events should not be visible to and accessible by every individual who had downloaded the application. This requirement is perfectly fulfilled by modern multi-event solutions.
Using such solutions, event organizers can maintain the privacy of events by setting a unique event code for each event to restrict access to everyone; so that only authorized persons can attend the event. A specific event can even be hidden from view and visible only to the private group of attendees it is meant for. This arrangement allows one to promote and manage a single event with equal ease while offering the aforesaid additional feature that allows only certain users to access specific content.
Enhances Attendee Engagement
A well-designed multi-event app solution provides a list of attendees and an activity stream separately for every event present within the container app. As such, the attendees are able to access past events for reviewing materials/conference programs or downloading documents, get to know about upcoming events, view offline session materials, connect/interact with other attendees, engage themselves in the company’s social media websites, and many more.
Consistent Brand Management
Customizing and managing a single multi-event app enables companies to maintain their brand’s consistency across their event portfolio. For instance, diverse scheduled events such as annual events, product launches, and roadshows are housed under one location. This enables you to promote your event as well as your brand simultaneously to all registered and potential attendees.
Expedite Event Registrations
Event planners across certain domains still count the success of their events based on the number of attendees they had managed to register. In such scenarios, adopting a multi-event strategy helps, as organizers can include all upcoming events in the app and also link it to their internal as well as external registration providers. For this reason, whenever a would-be attendee downloads the application for attending a particular event, the entire event portfolio is visible to them. This encourages verbal advertising leading to more registrations.
Environment-friendly Documentation and Reduction of Printing Expenses
The usage of event apps encourages paperless event management! This is because these apps offer advanced interactive elements that enable attendees to highlight the relevant portions, take down notes, and even indulge in a bit of doodling in the margins. Besides, the event organizers enjoy facilities like conducting PowerPoint presentations and providing session handouts/scientific and medical abstracts to attendees. Such paperless management not only reduces printing expenses but also turns out to be an environment-friendly option.

Concluding Views:

Multi-event apps have created quite a buzz owing to their transformative service offerings in the realm of event management. Needless to say, modern businesses are highly dependent on such apps for streamlining their event management functions.
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How Conference Sponsors Benefit from Innovative Virtual Conference Apps?

How Conference Sponsors Benefit from Innovative Virtual Conference Apps?
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Event apps or virtual conference platforms have completely transformed the way how events used to be conducted. Here are some interesting scenarios:
  • Angel Capital Association, a renowned organization based in Washington DC, made use of a modern-day event application for proactively conducting their annual summit virtually, which used to be held in-person otherwise. This enabled the organization to offer networking opportunities to the participants as well as marketing exposure to the event sponsors.
  • Angel Capital Association, a renowned organization based in Washington DC, made use of a modern-day event application for proactively conducting their annual summit virtually, which used to be held in-person otherwise. This enabled the organization to offer networking opportunities to the participants as well as marketing exposure to the event sponsors.
These scenarios prove how technology has drastically impacted the event industry. All kinds of events, whether private or corporate, can be conducted from anywhere, without even renting a venue location.
Such virtual event apps offer numerous other advantages and everyone using the event apps benefits from them. But one party gets a lot more goodies and privileges from them- “the Sponsors”. These event apps attract and engage participants and this generates more value for sponsors.
Let’s have a glance at a few more advantages, rather reasons why the sponsors love the conference applications.

Key Reasons why the Sponsors Love the Virtual Event Applications

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Provides Instant Event Information to Participants
Generating sales is the principal goal of the sponsors. For this, the event sponsors would want to provide valuable information to the attendees. Also, they would want to educate the attendees about their products and services. The event apps act as a platform in this case. The apps enable the target users to download the content of those products and services before, during, or after the events are hosted. It is also possible to include external links or bios in the profiles of sponsors and even exhibitors. This will allow the app users to instantly access and gather a lot of vital information through the app.
Helps the Planners and Sponsors Go Green
Event apps help in cutting down costs of printing invitation cards paper handouts, flyers, etc. as such messages can be sent directly to the smartphones of the attendees. Also, any other content or important information can be displayed on the app itself and attendees can instantly access that information. This not only reduces costs but also supports the ‘go green’ approach.
Event Apps Drives More Traffic for Sponsors
Sponsors would always want that more and more participants find them and communicate with them. Customized conference apps help the vendors in achieving this goal. Facilities like interactive maps and the information provided to attendees through the apps help the attendees to easily find the sponsors in less time. Also, another new-age feature- gamification in the apps, helps to design interesting activities for engaging the attendees. These activities include- earning points when they connect with sponsors through the app. Attendees may also earn points after answering certain questions about the products or services of the sponsors.
Virtual Conference Apps enhances Branding
The logos of the sponsors can be added on the splash pages in the apps, so that, when the users use the apps, they can see those logos and get to know about different brands of the sponsors. The company names or brand names of the sponsors can be highlighted on various pages on the apps for brand exposure.
Enables the Sponsors to Collect Insightful User Data
These applications enable the sponsors, and vendors to gather insightful information about the event attendees through user profiles, QR codes, etc. Attendees too can access the information as required. They simply need to scan a QR code so that they can easily connect with sponsors or vendors. This process also helps to eliminate the need to upload contact lists manually and eliminate the errors to a great extent. Consequently, the sponsors can gather the data of potential leads using the insights collected from the conference app.
Improves ROI for event sponsors
When the event is a hit, then attendees automatically talk about how much fun they had and they tend to add such feedback on the apps too. The apps add engagement, excitement, and value to the events. Besides, they help in creating an amazing attendee experience which in turn attracts more participants. This increases the ROI of the events and makes the sponsors happier.
Event Applications Enable the Sponsors to Collect Reviews and Feedback
The feedback collected from the participants and guests through the event apps helps in understanding the progress of the events. Feedback can be collected instantly after the events or even individual sessions, keynotes, etc. Besides, attendees can easily provide feedback, or fill surveys when this facility is available at their fingertips on their smartphones. Also, using the Audience Response Engagement Systems in the apps, it is possible to gather real-time data about the opinions of the attendees. This data helps the sponsors to understand how their event promotional activities are working and accordingly take further steps to improve them if required for generating more leads.

Final Thoughts

Conference apps prove to be an impactful tool to help the event sponsors, and also the event marketers to make the events highly successful. These apps help to increase interaction during events, improve engagement of participants, build a community of like-minded people, and boost the revenue of sponsors. Owing to such myriad advantages, virtual conference apps are gradually becoming an industry standard over the globe.
Will like to wrap up this write-up at this point. Do share your views with us.
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