Various Business Models of Mobile Event Apps and their Distinct Offerings!

Various Business Models of Mobile Event Apps and their Distinct Offerings!
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Mobile event apps are becoming universally acclaimed as the most viable solution for the successful planning and execution of events. Here are the top reasons for its popularity.
  • A single enterprise branded event app solution serves the foundation for all events conducted by the brand without the need for separate apps for various events.
  • It improves the quality of meetings, strengthens communication, and engages the audience effectively.
  • Once the attendees download the app, they can utilize its social media tools and integrated networking for interaction as well as relationship building before, during, or after the event.
  • Branded mobile apps enable extending the lifespan of a specific event through content sharing and networking all year round.
  • Corporate mobile apps keep attendees updated with real-time targeted resources and information.
  • Branded event apps open up sponsorship opportunities and new revenue streams.
  • Events apps allow organizers to comprehend the reactions of participants during an event and the attendee expectation from future events.
Today, there exists a wide variety of event planning app types, and each type suits a specific niche of event planning and management like trade shows, conferences, corporate gatherings/meetings, entertainment/university events, and many more. Hence, organizers must choose the right kind of event app that complements their event requirements. This post provides comprehensive insights into event apps. A thorough reading will help you to decide which type of event app solution is best suited for your purpose.

What is a Mobile Event App?

A mobile event app refers to a software solution installed on a mobile device like a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. This software is employed to build a customized mobile event app for planning and conducting a physical event and serves without the need for complex coding. With the template-based application programs, event organizers can select the design and functionalities as per their choice and customize the content based on their requirements. Event apps belonging to the mobile category offer a no-code WYSIWYG/drag-and-drop interface that allows the development of event-specific applications without coding.
Such an app is a necessary tool for all the stakeholders like exhibitors, attendees, speakers, sponsors, team members, and sales representatives. A branded event app contains all the prerequisites needed by attendees like attendee information, exhibitor information, maps, schedules, speaker bios, etc.

The Must-have Offerings of a Perfect Event App

Essential Features:
  • General info and information/maps of the venue/facility
  • Event registration
  • Contact details and attendee list
  • Sessions, speakers, and an interactive floor plan
  • Exhibitor Catalog, surveys, and slide sharing
  • Newsfeed and Social Media Integration
Features: Communication and Customization
  • Personal agenda, messaging/inbox, and push notifications
  • Profile creation and check-in options and QR code scanner
  • Favorites, people around me, my notes, and activity feed
Features: Interaction and Engagement
  • Session rating, live polls, and voting
  • User accounts and roles
  • The option of asking a question
  • Matchmaking, sharing of photos, and gamification
  • Event analytics and tracking
  • Event marketing
Features: Monetization Strategies
  • Premium content and sponsored push notifications
  • Premium listings and banner ads
  • Capturing and generation of leads

Key Categories of Event Apps: Additional Features

Now, take a look at the additional features that need to be included for each of these events categories!
Apps for Corporate Meetings
These apps should be personalized based on the requirements of the company. For instance, apps for small-scale meetings should possess easy-going features with many screens that include functionalities like registration forms, schedule, address of the venue, location-related maps, etc. For large-scale meetings, additional features like subscription forms for gathering contacts or feedback form/chatbots for collecting opinions regarding a specific report are recommended.
Apps for Conference/Business Gatherings
Such apps cater to business events/occasions such as workshops, conferences, profile meetups, etc. The timeline for these events is usually a couple of hours or even a few consecutive days. Besides the key functionalities such as location maps and schedules, such apps need add-ons like a request for a particular report, the disposition of auditorium locations for helping the visitors to navigate, and so on.
Apps for Festivals, Exhibitions, Sports Championships, and Local Events
Apps belonging to this category needs features like booking a table, buying a ticket, etc. For Sports Championship apps you may add a calendar displaying match schedule and other crucial information, stats on different teams/clubs, broadcast of matches in real-time, and the option to view past matches that are present in the records. Coming to local events, like bar/restaurant/mall performances, a party, etc. the geo-location feature is a must-have apart from the aforesaid functionalities.

Prominent Event Apps: Comparison

Let’s compare the offering of some prominent event apps!
Eventmobi offers an end-to-end platform for event management that includes all necessities required for building engaging event experiences for online as well as in-person events.
  • A storehouse of virtual event information including all-inclusive general info and even FAQs to provide effortless access to attendees
  • Support and training for the staff conducting an event – paid onsite support or complementary remote services.
  • A sample event for would-be event planners/organizers so that they can peruse/experience the platform on the Eventmobi website before investing in it.
This app is specifically designed for handling space management, reducing the friction in packed venues, and facilitating networking. It is a perfect pick for events like association or education-based events and conferences. The app enables attendees to speedily and effortlessly find out spaces within the venue where they are supposed to attend the meeting/conference.
  • A way-locator within a campus or a building to allow visitors to locate the spot quickly
  • The facility of space management and scheduling through the app so that participants can easily locate and book a meeting room for networking purposes.
  • The usage of space analytics displaying the spaces that have already been occupied and methods for optimizing this process.
This app leverages cloud technology to provide personalized experiences to each user. It caters to the needs of healthcare/pharmaceutical firms that organize activities pertaining to training, experience-sharing, etc.; business enterprises offering training/development programs via refresher training courses, seminars, etc.; and companies involved in trading operations.
  • Content in the form of an easily downloadable format and an animated UI/UX
  • Announced notifications, dynamic maps, and full-fledged event analysis
  • Support for multiple languages and WCAG 2.0
Eventbase is a smart app that caters to luxury brands and facilitates organizing various kinds of events comfortably and effortlessly. This app is designed for diverse types of events – occasions concerning a company’s internal/external activities such as partner meetings, important conferences, or small-scale events, varying trading events, festivals, premieres, sports events, entertainment events and many more.
  • A smart recommendation system activated via AI-powered technology that provides a unique and fulfilling experience to participants.
  • An award-winning UI/UX that is highly customizable
  • 3D-category maps and gamification options like Activity Stream
  • Round-the-clock access through chatbots enables organizers to keep in touch with the attendees throughout the event
This app assists in conducting a firm’s internal activities such as generic meetings, corporate parties, promotion courses, etc.; external activities like enhancing brand image and strengthening partnerships through conferences, partnership meetups, professional exhibitions, etc.; or public gatherings like local conferences/exhibitions, academic events, educational training sessions, etc.
  • An advanced CMS system that enables organizers to manage mobile app content effortlessly
  • An intuitive UI that elevates the user experience to the next level
  • An iBeacon from Apple that utilizes location data to deliver highly personalized information to users

Concluding Lines:

Events apps are amazing solutions for content absorption, networking, and audience engagement as they are specifically designed for handling every aspect of event planning and execution. These apps not only improve the management efficiency of event organizers but also elevate the convenience quotient of attendees.
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The Key Factors that determine the cost of creating an Application like BookMyShow!

The Key Factors that determine the cost of creating an Application like BookMyShow!
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There was a time when people had to bear the hassles of long waits at the counters, for the simple activity of booking tickets. Thankfully, the advent of digital event-based ticket booking service has transformed the ticket booking experience altogether. Today, you just need to click a few times on your smartphones, from the comfort of your homes/offices, for booking tickets to watch your favorite movie, or show. No wonder, online ticket booking apps like BookMyShow have garnered unprecedented popularity.
BookMyShow, launched in 2007 is India’s most sought-after event-based ticket booking service. Using this app one can book tickets for movies, concerts, sports, events, etc., and also access the events calendar, film reviews, show times, and promotional offers. Here are some glimpses of its success stories.
  • The brand has established its online presence in 4 countries and over 350 cities; and has attained the loyalty of more than 16 million customers.
  • The app boasts of over 30 million downloads and over 10 million ticket bookings per month.
  • It bagged several titles like “The Hottest Company” for 2011-12; “The Company to watch out for” (CNBC Young Turks Award), and the “Best Omni-channel Customer Experience Brand” (OneDirect Quest Customer Experience Awards).
The aforesaid information indicates the humongous market demand for such applications. Therefore, several businesses are looking forward to architecting a ticket booking app. But, the very first question that arises in their minds is; “How much does it cost to develop a ticket booking app like book my show?”
This write-up discusses the key factors that determine the cost of creating an application like BookMyShow. But before we delve deeper, let me provide you glimpses of the trending online ticketing applications.

Top-rated Ticketing Apps

Owned by eBay, it sells tickets for concerts, sports, and many other live entertainment events.
This is an American company that deals with the sales and distribution of tickets obtained from clients.
This is a marketplace for event tickets and an aggregator for the tickets concerning sports, concerts, and other events. The users enjoy the option of browsing through the events, viewing color-coded seat maps, and receiving electronic or printed tickets after their purchase.
This one-stop online portal sells tickets for all sorts of events and clubs up other offers with ticket purchasing activity.

Features to include in a ticket booking app along with Price Estimate

Take a sneak peek into the basic and additional features to include in an online ticketing app.
Basic Features
For App users
  • Login/Signup/registration
  • Forgot Password/Phone Validation
  • Splash Screen
  • Advanced search/Movies/Search Location
  • Booking Movie Tickets/Seat Selection Option with Layouts
  • Checkout Option along with ticket summary
  • Ticket PDF/Options for payment/pay later
  • Booking History
  • Push Notifications regarding upcoming events
  • View/Apply Coupons
Admin Panel
  • Dashboard
  • Login
  • Manage Users
  • Settings
  • Manage current and forthcoming events
  • Withdrawals/Wallet Management
  • Order Management
  • Vendor Management
The app development cost to integrate these basic features for Android as well as iOS ranges from approximately 32,000 to 35,000 USD.
Additional Features
App Users: Blogs, Support Chat, Mobile Wallet Integration, Loyalty and Rewards
Admin: Customer Analytics, dashboard Analytics, Management of Transactions, Managing offers.

Key Factors Affecting the cost of developing a Ticket-booking Application

event planning app development
The Choice of Platform
The two chief platforms targeted by mobile applications are iOS and Android. While both these platforms involve their specific set of features; Android app development turns out to be lesser costly than iOS. However, most businesses investing in app development target both platforms to cater to more audiences. But, platform selection entirely depends on your app development budget.
Ticket Booking App Design
Top-class and trending designs provide optimum customer satisfaction but are pretty more expensive to implement as compared to the ordinary ones. But, none the less, design is a crucial aspect of an application that not only affects the usability but also the UX. So, even though a high-end design incurs more expenses, it proves profitable in the long run.
The Size of the Online Ticket booking App
The integration of more tools and features increases the size of the app along with the cost. Therefore, select your features wisely. Remember, all the features offered by bestselling apps are not worthy.
The number of Features
The more features you integrate, the higher are the expenses. So, if you have budget constraints, it is advisable to conduct thorough market research and include only the key features depending on your target audience. However, you need to integrate some trending and unique features, for gaining a competitive edge over the popular applications.
Mobile Wallet Integration
The integration of a mobile wallet into your application elevates the UX by eliminating all types of hassles involved in online payments. But, this add-on will cost dearly, impacting the overall development cost.
Developer Selection
The project cost of creating an event booking app is directly proportional to the experience and expertise of the developers you hire. Nevertheless, it is better to choose proficient developers. Their charges might be higher than anticipated, but choosing quality over cost is necessary to sustain in this competitive market for a longer time.
The geographical location of the developers also plays a crucial role in deciding the development cost as the labor charges vary based on the location Have a look at the approximate developer rates per hour for the standard locations.
  • India and some of the Asian Countries: $20-30$ per hour
  • Eastern part of Europe: $40-$100
  • Australia: $50-$150
  • UK: $50-$180
  • U.S. and Canada: $50-$250

Final Verdict

My write-up must have provided you with a basic idea and approximate cost estimate for shaping your app idea into a fully functional event ticket booking app.
If you hail from a non-technical background, you must necessarily partner with a competent mobile app development company to achieve success. Biz4Solutions, a leading mobile and web app development company providing top-grade event app development services in India and U.S.A., would be the ideal technology partner to pick for crafting premium quality ticket booking applications. Contact us today!