Why is it advisable to use ReactJS for accelerating your Business?

Why is it advisable to use ReactJS for accelerating your Business?
ReactJS framework
Out of the multiple outstanding front-end technologies, which one do you think is the developers’ first choice? Well, the Stack Overflow survey report published by GitHub will give you the answer. This report shares the opinion of 65,000 developers about the most preferred front-end framework in the software sector. Take a look!
Trending Frameworks
The most popular front-end framework of 2020 turned out to be ReactJS preferred by 35% of developers, followed by Angular (25.1%), Vue.js (17.3%), and Angular.js (16.1).
Now, if we compare this data with the percentage of popularity garnered by these frameworks in 2019, it is evident how React’s popularity rose considerably in just one year.

Popularity of Trending Frameworks: Developers’ Preference

As per builtwith, another renowned online portal, 4,582,863 live websites are using ReactJS.”
The next probable question that crosses your mind is: What makes ReactJS the most popular front-end technology? Well, React enables one to architect engaging as well as interactive web and mobile apps. Needless to say, businesses have leveraged the ReactJS framework to boost profitability and gain a competitive edge over peers.
This write-up gives you a peek into the reasons why React is preferred over other contemporary frameworks and technologies. But before we dive deeper, let me introduce you to this framework.

ReactJS in a Nutshell

React JS; also known as React; is an open-source, front-end, JavaScript library for creating UI components or user interfaces of web and mobile apps. Coined by Jordan Walke, a Facebook engineer, the ReactJS library came into being in 2013 and is considered to be a one-stop solution for crafting simple, scalable, and speedy frontends in web apps.

The most significant ReactJS features are listed below.

  • Native libraries are available to assist in developing the react architecture for native apps.
  • JSX is used as an alternative to the old JavaScript version. JSX renders components by using HTML tags. This is done by converting the HTML syntax into JavaScript calls.
  • The presence of a virtual DOM equips React to efficiently deal with frequent changes. How? Due to the presence of an in-memory cache, whenever any change occurs in a React app, only the components that change are rendered instead of the entire page.

React-induced Success Stories

Check out how React has enabled several biggies to reach new heights of success.
  • The latest and most stable version of WhatsApp has utilized React to enhance its UX.
  • Facebook has integrated React in its app code as well as its mobile app.
  • Netflix has benefitted from React’s modular structure, better speed, and improved runtime performance.
  • React has helped Instagram to provide versatile features, accurate and advanced search engines, etc.

Reasons to opt for ReactJS for Front-end Development

ReactJS Development Services

Ease of Learning

React offers an easier learning curve. Also, documentation is easily available in comparison to its counterparts like Vue and Angular.

Coding Benefits

Simplified Coding:

The presence of JSX simplifies the entire process of coding. Moreover, JSX eases out the process of rendering sub-components and also provides shortcut methodologies to define the code. This results in the creation of a cleaner code.

Code Stability:

React follows downward data flow to make sure that whenever any change is made to its child structure the parent structure doesn’t get affected. So, when an object is modified, a ReactJS developer needs to change its state and make necessary alterations in the code so that only a particular component gets updated. For this reason, the structure and data flow imparts more stability to the code and ensures that the app performs smoothly.


The success of an application greatly depends on its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score. For securing a higher SEO ranking on Google, the page loading time of a website or app has to be less and the rendering speed has to be high. Usage of the React libraries lessens the page loading time considerably resulting in higher SEO ranking as compared to other frameworks.

Effortless Migration

As ReactJS is wrapped into a single module, engineers can effortlessly integrate it into an existing framework without hampering the current workflow. Therefore, it facilitates migration.

Enhances Developer’s productivity

React Developers can reuse the components very easily that allows redeploying digital objects. Developers can add components such as text fields, buttons, checkboxes, etc, and then enclose them in the wrapper component that is enclosed further in the root component. This results in better code maintenance and expedites the process of application development.

Availability of Handy Toolset

Businesses can utilize the goodies of a technology stack only if they use it correctly. To ensure correct usage, Facebook, React’s creator, has integrated some indispensable Chrome dev tools and React dev tools into this framework itself. These tools assist React developers to observe component hierarchies, discover the parent and child components, and inspect the current state of props as well as components. Click here to gain insights into the React Native debugging tools.

Easy testing and Debugging

Debugging becomes easier with ReactJS as the process of data flow to its components is one-way and takes place from one single point called Dispatcher.
Additionally, ReactJS views act as the functions of a state and this can be effortlessly manipulated. As a result, testing ReactJS applications becomes super-easy.

The Presence of a Strong Community

React boasts of a strong community comprising 1,331 regular contributors and has gained 136, 079 GitHub stars. Endless tutorials are available for developers as Free React tutorials are regularly updated on YouTube and the internet in the form of videos, articles, blogs, etc. Furthermore, React experts provide reliable solutions to solve queries and doubts via QA sites such as Quora and Stack Overflow.

Final Words:

By now, you must have realized the extraordinary potential of the React framework in crafting profitable applications. So, consider hiring React app development services for your next project to ensure a bright future for your business.
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What are the Key factors a Startup should Focus on While Developing a Mobile App?

What are the Key factors a Startup should Focus on While Developing a Mobile App?
mobile app development
You are a start-up planning to invest in mobile app development and have envisaged a superb app idea as well. Sounds great! Nevertheless, the mobile app development cost is humongous and the market is highly competitive. So, it’s important to validate your app idea completely before you proceed to develop a fully functional application. So during the mobile app planning process, there are certain questions that businesses need to survey with the users to get the interest about the app idea like as below:
  • Do users need your app?
  • Does your app provide a solution to prevalent issues?
  • If so, is there an urgent requirement for the solution your app offers?
  • If yes, then is your solution unique enough to gain recognition?
After getting the positive response for the survey, the next step is hiring the required skills to execute your project. For this, you need to pick the right set of mobile app developers or a reliable mobile app development company to build a robust, interactive, and feature-rich app that conveys your brand’s perception. However, architecting apps involve several challenges and this is more so in the case of start-ups. Therefore, I have penned down the key factors that start-ups need to focus on while developing mobile applications for a business
But, before we move ahead, check out the probable app development mistakes that start-ups tend to commit.
Commonest App development Mistakes to avoid
  • If the wrong audience is targeted for designing the app; the app won’t get the success that is desired no matter how outstanding it is.
  • An app should impart a similar look, feel and exhibit consistent behavior across different operating systems. But, this aspect is often forgotten.
  • Start-ups often integrate too many features in an app leading to heavy battery drainage of the users’ smartphones; resulting in app uninstalls.
  • In a bid to make the front-end of an app attractive; beginners tend to ignore the importance of creating a robust back-end which slows down the app’s interface.

What Should a Startup Focus on while building a Mobile App?

mobile app development for startup
Thorough market Research
Conduct exhaustive market research and examine customer reviews on social media to identify the following aspects:
  • The on-going trends and consumer requirements
  • Who your competitors are, their strategies along with success rate, and their strengths and shortcomings.
  • The unique selling point of popular applications.
  • Existing issues and gaps that need to be resolved.
After thorough research, you will come to know the market demand; gaps that your app can fill up; pain areas encountered by users; and mistakes committed by your competitors. Now, it becomes easy to define the app’s objective and figure out what features you need to integrate into your application for making it a bestseller. Remember not to repeat your competitors’ mistakes and ensure that you offer fresh and complete solutions. This will make your app stand out amidst the crowd.
Defining the app’s Purpose
Defining your app’s specific purpose via a confident elevator pitch is crucial for achieving success.
  • Decide on the business goals you are headed to achieve through the app. This way you will be able to communicate your mission very easily in just a few sentences to the potential investors or the mobile app development services you plan to hire.
  • Who your competitors are, their strategies along with success rate, and their strengths and shortcomings.
Establishing Brand Identity and USP
Create a digital brand identity and ensure that it is maintained throughout the app you create. The next important move that will help you to establish your digital footprints and fetch a notable position amongst the leading brand names is adopting a USP. USP or “unique selling proposition” refers to the marketing strategy of informing consumers about that unique advantage offered by a firm, service, brand or product; that makes it superior to its competitors. So, consider this feature to highlight the customer-centric product benefits.
App Monetization
Monetizing your app will expedite revenue generation and fetch you unprecedented profits. Check out the most trending app monetization business models.
  • In-app purchases
  • Sponsorships and in-app advertisements
  • Subscriptions
  • Paid applications
  • Apps that are free to download but a purchase needs to be made to access specific features.
It is advisable to choose the monetization model depending on your business objective
User-oriented Design
The way you design an app is a key factor that decides its fate. Here are the best design standards.
  • Focus on making the app design responsive asthe app would run on different devices of varying sized screens.
  • Do not clutter your design with too much unnecessary information.
  • Keep it simple as heavy designs consume a lot of device space and use up more data.
  • The user interface must be simple and easy to use so that users can effortlessly navigate through your app.
  • Follow the standards set by Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google Material Design.
Other Noteworthy Factors
  • Consider factors like revenue, market share, and target audiences while finalizing the platforms and OS so that it harmonizes with your business goals.
  • Providing offline access to some of the features of an app is the current trend and user expectation. This keeps users connected to your app even during lack of connectivity.
  • While hiring a Mobile App Development Company; carefully examine their portfolio, work experience, past projects, proficiency, technology stacks used, etc. Also, ensure that the firm provides maintenance support post-deployment.
  • The user interface must be simple and easy to use so that users can effortlessly navigate through your app.
  • Keep updating your application with new features to keep up with changing times.
I hope the aforesaid tips will enable start-ups to choose the right path as they commence their journey to develop a mobile app.
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